Consumer alert – Bugs, Larvae, Cobwebs in Britannia Good Day Biscuits pack

Food Business Operator : Britannia Industries Ltd (Manufacturer)

Place : Ernakulam, Kerala

Product : Good Day biscuit pack

Issue : Bugs, Larvae, Cobwebs in biscuit pack before expiry date

Consumer complaint as posted by Micky Abraham on Jan 17th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photos

Im very angry about this incident. i bought a packet of Britannia good day today and opened to find biscuits containing cobwebs and larvae inside. its so disgusting to see them move inside the biscuits. it also had bugs which run around. 
is this truly the food material you send away as “eatable”. i wonder.
i don’t care if it is problem of stocking or anything..this kind of situation is not forgivable..that too from a renowned company like Britannia. shame on you!!

i will make others aware about this. i want some action. 

the biscuit packaged date is 26/8/17. i bought on 17/1/18. its said it is best before 6 months from packaging. still 1 and half month left for expiry.

I found bugs, larvae, cobwebs inside a freshly opened britannia good day biscuit packet..I found bugs, larvae, cobwebs inside a freshly opened britannia good day biscuit packet.I found bugs, larvae, cobwebs inside a freshly opened britannia good day biscuit packet.I found bugs, larvae, cobwebs inside a freshly opened britannia good day biscuit packet.

PESPRO Comments
Advised to file complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety)for initiating regulatory action as no purpose will be served complaining to manufacturer, stockist and retailer.



Consumer alert – Pizza Hut – Live Cockroach in Chicken Pepperoni

Food Business Operator : Pizza Hut , Orbit Mall, Malad West

Product : Chicken Pepperoni

Issue : Live Cockroach in Pizza

Consumer complaint as posted by jayeshp96 on Jan 13 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum 

Today (12/01/2018) i had gone to pizza hut inorbit mall, malad(west). 
Firstly i ordered three medium sized pizza’s. Two veg (paneer) and one non-veg(chicken pepperoni) pizza’s. The issue started with my pizza’s being delivered too late(25 minutes) there were literally no customers in the restaurant at that time, still my order took nearly 25 minutes. Secondly when the order arrived, i spotted a “LIVE COCKROACH!!” in my pizza(chicken pepperoni).
And when i complained to their staff, their immediate reaction was that they still tried to fool me, by winking eyes to each other and they also tried to give me the same pizza in a different box !! later, i was being abused and being back answered by two members of the staff, who came in the middle out of nowhere(namely “aakash” and “edwin”. One of them (aakash) also outraged at me, even when i had not approached towards him for the issue, out of nowhere these two came in between and began to fight and defend themselves despite of their such mistakes.And later when asked about the reason for the unhygenic conditions in the kitchen, they said that their place where they store boxes was having some cockroaches from a long time .! 
i want a serious action to be taken against pizza hut. For delivering such a pizza to me and followed by the mis behaviour of the staff .

Complaint Status

[Jan 13, 2018] Pizza Hut India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint

PESPRO Comments

It shows the Food Business Operator is not following Good Hygiene Practices especially Pest Management.

Consumer alert – Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India – Worm in Fruit and Nut Chocolate

Food Business Operator : Mondelez India Foods (Manufacturer)

Place : Kadirur, Thalaserry, Kerala 

Product : Cadbury Fruit and Nut 

Issue : Worms in chocolate

Consumer complaint as posted by Deeps Gangadhar on Jan 9-2018 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photo

Hi, i found a worm and worm eggs in the fruit and nut chocolate i purchased for my daughter from famous bakery in kadirur, thalassery kerala. Pincode 670642. It was really shocking to see the worm in such a branded company’s product. I will never ever buy any cadburry product in my life. I will insist my family and friends also to stop buying these kind of chocolates.

worm in fruit and nut chocolate

Complaint Status

[Jan 09, 2018] Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India Customer Care‘s response, Jan 10, 2018
Dear Deeps, 

Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd) endeavours to maintain the highest quality standards, and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. To enable us to address your concern, please write to us at with your purchase details. Please retain the product in a sealed bag, our representative will visit to examine/collect the product.

Thank you, 
Consumer Service Cell, Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd)

Complaint commentsPESPRO Comments 

Consumer can also file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) as the Manufacturer/Distributor have not followed Good Hygiene Practices to be followed by a Food Business Operator for initiating regulatory action.


Flies and Insects in Pizzas

TN – Dead Lizard in School Mid Day Meals – 14 Hospitalised

Kolkata to Fight Dengue by Flying Drones

A drone will be used by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) from 2018 to fight against dengue aids in capturing “difficult images” of stagnant water on terraces of the high rises.
Kolkata to Fight Dengue by Flying Drones
Kolkata’s city civic body conducted a pilot-run last week. They flew a drone over the South City towers, which was located in the southernmost part of the city’s Bikramgarh area.
‘Drones are to be used to control Dnegue by  capturing images of stagnant water in the city’s multi  storeied buildings.
In 2017, dengue has taken several lives in and around the metropolis.

“With the number of high-rises in the city grew, and is becoming quite a difficult task for our workers to reach to the terraces of the high-rises and the large housing complexes and run a check on dengue. Taking stock of the situation we have decided to use drones for the purpose,” said a senior official of KMC’s vector-control department.

 The official also added that they are planning to fly the drones over the buildings to capture images of stagnant water and to plan accordingly to fight dengue. 

After the pilot-run, a meeting was held by senior officials with mayor-in-council Atin Ghosh on the images captured by the drone.

In the meeting, the officials discussed on how to use the technology in dengue-prevention and had agreed to use the drones from March, 2018.

Ghosh further requested KMC officials to prepare a report on the usage of drones in controlling dengue in the city’s multi-storied buildings.

“The inclusion of drones in capturing images will surely help KMC in controlling the vector-borne disease in the coming times. We consider this as a great decision for dengue prevention will be placed before the council meeting after mayor Sovan Chatterjee gives his nod,” a civic official said.

However, the KMC is still working on the number of drones required in controlling the disease. 

Introducing the drones in the city might need the permission of city mayor and mayor-in-council.

Consumer alert -Nilgris – Fungus on Plum Cake

Food Business Operator : Nilgris (Manufacturer)

Product : Plum Cake

Issue : Fungus on plum cake

Consumer complaint as filed by Prasadnp on Dec 16th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photos

I need not explain anything as the pictures explain it all.

Sad state of affair… Big efforts and so much is charged for better quality and this is the ultimate result.

05-Dec is manufacturing date and it says “Best before 75 Days”
This is what happened in mere 10 days – fungus appeared on it.

What will be the fate of the whole batch of consignment?
How many of us will be affected if this goes un-noticed?

Is this what we expect from you, Nilgiris?
Would you mind to call back the lots and check it for quality?
I will be awaiting your reply with proof of actions taken by you.
Revert back to me on the actions taken by you on this complaint.

Hope, soon !

fungus on plum cakefungus on plum cakefungus on plum cake
fungus on plum cakefungus on plum cake