Dead Lizard Served On Train, Passenger Tweets Railway Minister

Dead Lizard In Veg Biryani Served On Train, Passenger Tweets Railways Minister

A dead lizard was found in a pilgrim’s meal on the Poorva Express on Tuesday

Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh:  

Just days after an auditor’s report submitted in parliament said food on trains in India is unfit for human consumption, passengers on a train in Uttar Pradesh have been served proof. A dead lizard was found in a meal on the Poorva Express on Tuesday.

A group of pilgrims travelling from Jharkhand to Uttar Pradesh spotted the disgusting “garnish” in veg biryani when the train was near Patna. One person fell ill. Alerted to the fact, a staffer simply threw the meal out of the train. When a complaint to the ticket examiner and the pantry car attendant drew no apparent response, the passengers tweeted to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

The impact of the tweet was that when the train rolled into the Mughalsarai station in UP, several senior officers came and medicines were given to passengers taken ill.

Kishore Kumar, a senior railway officer at Mughalsarai, said the biggest concern was passengers’ health. “Before the train arrived here, doctors inquired about their health and also prescribed medicine. We will investigate and take strong action,” said Mr Kumar.

He said a report would be given to the ministry.

Last week, a report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) flagged that the food served on trains is unfit for human consumption at some places, cooked in polluted water and in most unhygienic conditions.

After an assessment of 74 railway stations and 80 trains across the country, the auditor said the food was stale at many places; dirty tap water was used to cook food; food wasn’t covered to protect it from dust and flies, and cockroaches and mice were found on trains.

Mr Kumar said: “We took the CAG report as feedback and we are taking strict measures to enhance our service.”

CAG report on Railways – points out food prepared in unhygenic conditions with Rats and Cockroaches on the catering area

Consumer alert – MTR Foods – Worms in Bhindi Masala

Food Business Operator : MTR Foods (Manufacturer)
Product : Bindi Masala
Issue : Worms in Bhindi Masala
Consumer complaint by Palash Badjatya on July 18th in India Consumer Complaints Forum

Moments ago (~1 hour before this post), on the date of 7th of july 2017, i was eating the bhindi masala when i noticed the worm. I was halfway through eating the sabzi. I hadn’t noticed the worm earlier because of the color similarity between the worm and the sabzi. (I’m glad some other people saw their insects before they ate anything.) i am not sure if there were/are more worms in the sabzi. Hard to tell; the color similarity can be seen in the photos. Also, the worm is pretty big (~1.5 cm). I hope that the worm got cooked with the sabzi atleast (Yay?); not really in the mood to get sick.

This product was purchased and consumed (Until i found the worm, of course) in the the details of this complaint, i have entered the company’s india details as the product was manufactured in india.

As for the resolution of the complaint, for starters, i ask for a refund for this particular product and also ask that the company be more careful. I have 5 other packets of mtr ready-to-eat with me and i don’t know what i’m going to do with them now. I ask for a refund of those too. I am not sure whether just refunding will lead to any fruitful overall solution, considering there have been several other previous complaints about insects and subsequent refunds. Stronger action needs to be taken. Can other people suggest a better course of action for stricter punishment for mtr?

bhindi masala - worm (s) in productbhindi masala - worm (s) in product
bhindi masala - worm (s) in productbhindi masala - worm (s) in product

Complaint Status

[Jul 18, 2017] MTR Foods customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.


MTR Foods Customer Care‘s response, Jul 18, 2017
Dear Palash, Thank you for writing to us.

This is to acknowledge your mail dated 18 July 2017 regarding Bhindi Masala.

We are investigating the matter and will get in touch with you shortly.

Thanking you.
Best Regards,
Customer Care
MTR Foods
No 80, Bommasandra Industrial Area,
Hebbagodi, Anekal Taluk,
Bangalore-560 099.

Food poisoning : Lizard in Govt. School Mid Day Meals – 2 Teachers faint

MLA finds live worm in his food plate , restaurant closed

Quality concerns: Assistant Food Controller N. Purnachandra Rao inspecting the kitchen of the hotel on Tuesday. 
It will be opened after a review by food safety officials
A vegetarian restaurant in the city’s popular business hotel has been closed temporarily by the food safety authorities on Tuesday after an MLA having breakfast found live worm in his plate.
Nellore district’s Udayagiri constituency MLA Bollineni Venkata Ramarao (TDP), who had stayed in the Minerva Grand hotel along with another TDP leader, ordered ‘idly’ and ‘poori’ at the ‘Minerva Coffee Shop.’
While eating ‘poori’, Mr. Ramarao found a live worm in the plate and complained to the staff. With no quick response from them, the MLA complained to the district authorities and food safety authorities on the phone and left for the airport.
Food safety officials led by Assistant Food Controller N. Purnachandra Rao visited the hotel and inspected the MLA’s food plate and confirmed that the worm has come along with the banana leaf in the plate. “If the worm was in the curry or poori it won’t be alive. But it is clear that there was negligence of the hotel staff that used unclean banana leaves which is not acceptable,” Mr. Rao said.
Poor hygiene
Later, following the Collector’s orders, officials also inspected the kitchen of the restaurant, storeroom, hygiene of the staff and sanitation. “In the kitchen, we found cooked food like carrot halwa, gulab jamun and other sweets preserved in the refrigerator. The hotel was also not ensuring hygiene of the staff. They did not wear any gloves, aprons or caps. Samples of the poori, curry, wheat flour and others were collected and sent for laboratory tests. We have served improvement notice and will proceed with criminal action according to FSS Act,” he said.
“After a couple of days, we would review the restaurant again and pass further orders. Licence cancellation notice would also be served,” Mr. Rao added.
Calling the incident as unfortunate, restaurant manager M. Srinivas said that it took place at around 8.30 a.m. in his absence.
“I was informed about the issue when it was taken to the notice of the government officials. The MLA has directly reported the finding to officials. The worm was out of the banana leaf placed in the plate. We use banana leaves instead of plates,” Mr. Srinivas told The Hindu.
Official’s assurance
When asked if the response was quick because the complainant was an MLA, Mr. Purnachandra Rao said that they would respond in the same manner when anyone lodged a complaint. He, however, said that the department was short of staff.
“People can call me up at 9440379755 if they come across such situation,” he said. The MLA, who left the city in the morning, was unavailable for comment.

Govt. Industry and Farmers need to ensure pesticides are used scientifically – Experts

“The government, industry and farmers need to work in tandem to ensure that pesticides are used scientifically in such a way that Indian agriculture as a whole benefits with the resultant fall in crop attacks and increase in crop yields,” said experts during a seminar organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in association with the department of agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare and other departments.
The seminar held on Wednesday witnessed a panel discussion on empowering farmers with the use of agrochemicals.

Officials said the seminar was aimed at facilitating national food and nutrition security by empowering farmers with knowledge about role of crop protection chemicals, by bringing to their notice the good initiatives of the government about the latest technological developments which are sustainable and environment friendly.

Vinay Mathur, deputy secretary general, FICCI, presented an overview of the seminar and said there was a need to facilitate national food and nutrition security. “For that to happen, we must empower farmers with knowledge about role of crop protection chemicals, for a sustained growth of Indian agriculture and economy,” he said.

Dr Madhu Gill, consultant to the government of Punjab, organic farming, said initiatives like multi-cropping, crop rotation, and judicious use of agrochemicals should be taken into consideration. “Through the medium of this seminar, we aim to empower the farmers to achieve higher yields and crop protection,” said G B Singh, regional head, Regional Council of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh, FICCI.

Video News : Insecticides on fish – Food Safety Officials raid outlets

Idukki: After a video purportedly showing a vendor spraying insecticide on fish kept for sale went viral on social media, Food Safety officials conducted inspection at the store at Vannappuram in Idukki. The officials could not seize samples of the fish as the vendor had already removed them after the video was out. However, they found empty packets of the insecticide at the shops. The shop owner had fled the scene by locking up the shop.

The officials collected samples from the nearby fish vendors. Also, they have slapped notices on six outlets in the area for operating without a lice…