Consumer alert – Worms in Milma milk

Food Business Operator : Milma

Place : Ernakulam

Product : Milk

Worms in milma milk (Yellow packet)

Photo : As posted 

Issue : Worms in milk

Consumer complaint as posted by freeindian on May 22nd in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

We used to buy milma milk on a regular basis. Past few weeks we got two packets of damaged milk, which did not report to any one. I bought link on 21st May 2017 which had expiry written on 22nd may 2017. When we heated milk it had worms in it. We washed the vessel and water was not added to milk (please don’t tell water we added had worms.).

Please help to ensure the quality of basic things such as milk. If we added tea or any other things this would have been easily missed out. Milma is widely used even for infants and this would be quite harmful for them.

PESPRO Comments :

Consumer is advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district along with the evidences.


Consumer alert – Insects in Amul Ice Cream cup

Food Business Operator : Amul / GCMMF 
Place : New Delhi (Retailer shop)
Product : Ice cream
Issue : Insects in Icecream cup
Amul ice cream/ life risk
Photo as posted by Consumer
Consumer complaint as posted in India Consumer Complaints Forum 
Dear Sir/Madam,
Myself Indranil Pal, residence of Mayur vihar phase 3, New Delhi. I have purchased an ice cream cup from the local distributor for my daughter. But when it was open their was a insect inside the ice cream. This is how you maintain your quality and hygienic. What would happen if my daughter would have it, we saw it before having the bit. Pls response me whats the value of your brand. This is not the hygienic that you talks about. Please respond in my complaint. It’s a life risk having Amul product. I have spoken with the shop keeper about the matter. He suggested me to drop a complaint then if I get any response then I can take action again it. As I am a professional advocate, I will Take care of it personally.
Thank you
Indranil Pal

Complaint Status

[May 20, 2017] Amul / GCMMF customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.


PESPRO Comments :
Response of manufacturers to such complaints are very poor. Suggest to file a complaint immediately with the proof with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area.


Consumer alert – Pepsico – Slice and 7 Up -Full of insects in 200 ml bottle

Food Business Operator : Pepsico India

Place : Jammu, J & K

Product : Slice 7 Up

Image result for SLice and 7 up 200ml bottle

Photo: Google Images

Issue : Full of insects in 200 ml bottle

Consumer complaint as posted by Vikas Chaudhry on May 20th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

There is a complaint logged on 21st april 2017 in respect of the insects found in slice 200 ml bottles. 1 bottle has been handed over to one of pepsico executive on 12th May 2017 for investigation. But we have not received the investigation report so far. It seems that pepsico is not concerned about the health of public.Selling poison specially refillable bottles.
PESPRO Comments :
Advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety ) of your area.

Foods that can help you repel mosquitoes

The messengers of summer – mosquitoes – are here already. The annoyance doesn’t end with their buzzing, whining, biting and itching. Recent stats show the number of cases of Chikungunya and Dengue going much higher, causing much anguish among people. When indoors, we have ways to control mosquitoes around us but what about when we are outdoors? One with a humanitarian bent of mind might even think before hitting them down. So, the best way out – eat what would repel these pesky flies naturally.

There are foods the smell of which mosquitoes repel naturally. If you eat them more during summer, chances are you will turn into a mosquito repellent yourself. Include the following in your diet to do so.

Garlic, Onions

Much infamous for repelling mosquitoes, garlic and onions make you release a compound called allicin when consumed. Other members of this plant family, such as shallots and chives, also function the same way. Consume them raw or add them to your dishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Pesky mosquitoes repel the scent that your body releases after consuming apple cider vinegar. It alters your normal bodily scent to make it unappealing to the little punies. Try to consume one tablespoon of the vinegar each day by drinking it as it is or by adding it to honey, soups or salads.

Chilli Peppers

If you love chilli, here’s your bonus: They repel mosquitoes. They contain capsaicin, a heat-producing compound that helps repel mosquitoes. Add them to your favourites and you are good to go.


This one contains an oil called citronella, a popular bug repellent. You can consume it in your Thai recipes or in soups and curries.

Beans, Lentils, Tomatoes

These three are grouped together because they all contain thiamine, a component that makes you release a bug-repelling smell. Flavor your food with tomatoes and have beans and lentils as sides or as entrees.

Vitamin B1

Though this theory is affirmed by some and refuted by others, according to Empire State Lyme Disease Association, this vitamin alters your body scent to repel mosquitoes. Sources of this vitamin include milk, nuts, oats, orange and peas, among others.



A study has shown that alcohol can make more mosquitoes land on your skin. Another study specifically pointed out beer, citing that drinking beer changes the person’s body odor, making him/her attract more mosquitoes. 

Salty Foods

When you consume high salt, your body has higher amounts of lactic acid, making you more prone to mosquito bites.

Sugary Foods 

Yet under debate, there’s no concrete proof as to whether they make you attract mosquitoes. If you detest even the sight of them, you may as well ditch sweets.


Hotel sealed – Cockroach in Sambhar

TN : Cockroach in Sambhar

Dead snake found in Mid Day Meals

FARIDABAD: Putting a question again on the quality of the mid-day meal supplied in government schools, a baby snake, also known as a ‘snakelet’ was found in the food served to children in Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School here.

On finding the snakelet, the children were immediately stopped from consuming the meal, but unfortunately some students had already eaten portions of it.

Some students even vomited as soon as they had eaten the meal.

When the principal and other teachers were tasting the food, they saw the snakelet after which they immediately intimated the other students to not eat it.

The students were taken aback upon discovering the reptile in their food. They admitted that they often got a ‘stale smell’ from the food generally, but this was something which was terrifying for them.

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