Consumer tweets – Insects found in sealed packet

Rohit Misra @RohitMisra1973

Beware! Unhygienic,insects found in sealed packet purchased by me .

Picture and bill as proof. Very sad affair. Health hazard for all!

Strict action to be taken by fssai. with new product given to customer at the earliest. @fssaiindia


Roaches found in Subway soft drink

Consumer alert – Worms in Maggi

Consumer complaint as posted by Yashrajrana on May 10th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photos

I purchased a 4-5 packets of maggi from a nearby store (Shyam daily needs, shyam nagar, bodla, agra) nearly 4-5 days ago. I cooked one of the maggi two days ago. While putting the maggi into the utensil, i found some worms in the same maggi. Thereafter, i called nestle india customer care to complain about the same matter. After some time, i got a call from some 3-4 people and they asked me to take it down from here and replace it as compliment. However, nobody has come yet and one of the customer care personnel was talking very rudely. It is remorseful to say that maggi, a very popular brand in india, has not worked on it’s quality standards yet. 
Kindly send the appropriate team to check the sample and also take appropriate actions. So that, one should take precautionary measures during the manufacturing of the food product, which is generally consumed by millions of people daily.

Waiting for your positive reply

Thanking you

Yash raj rana

worms in maggiworms in maggiworms in maggi

PESPRO Comments posted in the forum :

Customer can file a complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety)

Video Of Rat-Infested Canteen At Hyderabad Airport Will Make You Sick

The repulsive video shows rats roaming around the kitchen and nibbling on bits of food available to them.

The video was tweeted by Amjed Ullah Khan, a spokesperson for Majlis Bachao Tehreek.

A shocking video recorded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad shows the despicable condition of a canteen kitchen situated at the airport’s parking area.  The clip shows several rats scurrying inside the kitchen of the canteen, which is usually frequented by cab drivers. The video has prompted airport officials and police officers to investigate the matter and take necessary action.

The video was tweeted by Amjed Ullah Khan, a spokesperson for Majlis Bachao Tehreek, on April 21. “See the canteen situated in parking area of @RGIAHyd which serves food to Ola/Uber taxi drivers,” he tweeted.

The repulsive video, most likely recorded at night, shows rats roaming around the kitchen, sitting on utensils and nibbling on bits of food available to them. The camera also pans across to show the empty canteen.

Moments after being posted, Cyberabad Police, tagged in the tweet, responded, directing officers at the airport to look into the matter.


A day later, RGI Airport Police Station replied to the tweet saying the premises had been checked and that the owner has been warned to keep the canteen clean.

RGI Airport Police Station@psrgia_cyb

Rushed to the spot/ canteen and checked the entire canteen and instructed the owner to keep it as clean and neat and warned him don’t repeat it in the future.


The official twitter account of the Hyderabad International Airport also shared updates on the matter.

RGIA Hyderabad



Dear Sir, Immediately after we have received the feedback from you, we have took up this matter with all seriousness it warrants. (1/3)


RGIA Hyderabad



The canteen operator has already initiated actions like heightened pest control various measures to improve the hygiene and also certain infrastructural changes to protect the kitchen from pests . (2/3)


RGIA Hyderabad



Our team will also monitor the kitchen and canteen hygiene on daily basis. We really appreciate for bringing this matter to our notice.(3/3)


The video has stirred strong reactions from people on Twitter, with some even demanding that the canteen be shut down.


It’s very bad for our
International Airport image.



Plz seez this canteen cancelled the tender fist


MIR AMJAD ALI KHAN@miramjadalik

Whose duty it is to inspect the canteen ? what are the food safety inspectors doing ? Concerned department should have cancelled the license of that canteen ? Mr. @KTRTRS do we have enough food safety staff in the department ?
cc: @TelanganaCMO @sravandasoju @Muzaffer_rocks

IRCTC supplied food – Cockroaches in food – No quality check of food served

Consumer complaint as posted by Vikirich on May 2-2018 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photo

21 Apr 2018:

Train from Chandigarh to Jaipur (12984), I want to complain about the poor quality of the food which is served by Indian railways. The caterer does not seems to bother whether the food he prepares are of a certain standard. I suspect that some of the food-poisoning cases we have had may have arisen out of consuming contaminated food in train. I cannot say for sure unless I investigate further.

I rather not do any such investigation for that is not my job. I am attaching image of food served to us in train, we were not aware that by opening up the food packing, cockroach will welcome us in train.I expect that the management will take strict action and make sure that things are running properly.

no quality check of food served

A White Paper o Pesticides Use in the World and India

Consumer alert – Cockroach in Honey Pepper Chilly Mushroom from Swiggy

Food Business Operator : Kim Fung Chinese Restaurant

Image result for Kim Fung CHinese restaurant, Tarnaka


Retail point : Tarnaka, Greater Hyderabad

Issue : Cockroach in honey pepper chilly mushroom

Consumer complaint as posted by Rakesh Gopishetty on April 22-2018 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

Hi sir, 

I am Rakesh residential from Tarnaka, I have ordered Honey pepper chilly mushroom from swiggy at Kim Fung chinese restaurant at Tarnaka.

It’s consists of cockroach, when I raised a concern to swiggy, they want to replace with another starter.

My concern is not about money or replacing the starter, I want your team to take a preventative action against this kind of restaurants and swiggy team who is not at all feeling responsible in serving quality food.

Call [protected]