FSSAI awareness on Licence / Registration

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FSSAI Awareness on Registration / Licensing

Do dry pantries need food safety license ?

TechnoparkToday.com >> In a bizarre turn of events, food safety officials barged into an IT company to inspect their dry pantry (a dining area for employees with a coffee vending machine and drinking water dispenser). The officials not only closed down the pantry demanding a food safety license, but also engaged in a war of words with employees.
This happened despite Technopark authorities given permission to food safety officials only to inspect eateries in Technopark. Thoughtline, a Technology company operating in Ganga building of Technopark Phase III was the scene of the entire drama. It was by Friday evening that food safety officials came to inspect the IT company which is functioning in the SEZ campus.
The employees questioned whether they have a permission to enter the SEZ campus, but the food safety officials insisted on conducting an inspection. They even called police to intervene in the baseless issue.
“It is unfortunate that such incidents are happening at a time when Kerala IT is doing its best to bring major IT companies to the state. It is nothing but officers’ highhandedness and ego. We are running IT companies, not eateries. Such dry pantries are set to ensure that employees get a comfortable area for dining” managing director of a Technopark company said to TechnoparkToday.com.
Employees and management of most of the companies where shocked by the unauthorized entry of food safety officials into an IT company and disrupting its normal functioning. The food safety officials also defamed the name of the company by circulating its name among the eateries which were closed after their audit.
Sources said that the company has escalated the matter to higher officials in the department of IT. It is expected that government will take a strong action to ensure that such issues are not repeated.
Meanwhile, food safety officials temporarily closed down 5 eateries in Technopark citing unhygienic conditions. A total of 93 eateries were inspected and among them, 30 were slapped a fine of Rs. 1.94 lakhs. Tasty Six at Bhavani building, Arabic Paradise near main gate, Gafoor Ka Dosth, Sabardast Fusion, and Table Cafe at Thejaswini building were among the eateries which were temporarily closed down.

Eateries need to hire food safety officer to get licence

The draft regulations are being notified and the final regulations will be enforced subsequently.
The food regulator has drafted regulations for restaurants and eateries, requiring them to employ a food safety officer in order to obtain a licence.
The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India also made it mandatory for companies that sell food online to get separate licences under the Food Safety & Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Amendment Regulations, 2018.
Owners and vendors of food products sold on ecommerce platforms must display their licences or FSSAI registrations. The ecommerce firms will have to ensure that food articles have a pending shelf life of 30% or 45 days before expiry at the time of delivery to consumers. Such food products can be sampled at any point in the supply chain, the authority added.
While applying for a state or central licence, restaurants won’t have to submit blueprints or layout plans, names and lists of equipment and machinery, lists of food categories, copies of certificates obtained under Co-op Act, NOCs from manufacturers and recall plans.
“The revised condition prescribes that a Food Safety Display Board needs to be displayed at a prominent place in the premises and employment of at least one technical person or Food Safety Supervisor trained by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in case of restaurant,” the regulator said.
“Safety and standards are paramount in running any business which has food for human consumption,” said Rahul Singh, president of the National Restaurant Association of India. “The NRAI welcomes such initiatives as restaurants need to dedicate their resources towards food safety to successful execute measures and develop a culture within their premises to stay committed towards customer safety.”
The draft regulations are being notified and the final regulations will be enforced subsequently.
“All food companies will have to follow these revised regulations with immediate effect and the enforcement of these regulations will commence only after the final regulations are notified in the Gazette of India,” FSSAI said.
The regulator simplified rules for slaughter houses, making minimum sanitary and hygienic requirements mandatory because the earlier requirements were not compatible with the operation of small slaughter houses.
Rules have been laid down for catering companies, including those that provide services at eating houses, canteens at schools, colleges and other institutions, religious places, trains and flights, hospitals and events.

FSSAI extends date to submit licence renewal applications to March 31

The FSSAI has extended the date for submission of applications for renewals of licences and registrations due to the failure of the Food Licence and Registration System (FLRS). Food business operators (FBOs) can now have a window period till March 31, 2018 to renew their licences and registrations without any penalty.

In an order, Garima Singh, director regulatory compliance, FSSAI, stated that the window on FLRS had been extended till March 31, 2018, adding that FBOs can renew their licences or registrations by this date without any penalty. However, if an FBO fails to do so by March 31, he/she have to submit a fresh application.

It was due to technical glitches that the renewals of licences and registrations of FBOs were halted under FLRS. Earlier, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said that the technical glitches would be removed by February 15, 2018, and the FBOs who were unable to renew their licences would be allowed to continue their operations and given a window to renew their licences and registrations.

Singh, in her latest order, said, “In view of the failure of FLRS, a window was provided till February 15, 2018 for the FBOs to submit their application to renew their licences and registrations. It has (now) been decided that an extended window on FLRS will be provided to all such FBOs till March 31, without levying a penalty.”

However, she added, “In case, if an FBO fails to submit his/her renewal within the extended time period (i e by March 31, 2018), such FBOs will have to submit fresh applications.”

The country’s apex food regulator, in a letter, stated that FLRS, which is information technology- (IT) enabled, went off-track in December 2017. As a result of this, many FBOs were unable to renew their licences and registrations to continue their operations.


Glitches halting license renewal under FLRS to be eliminated by Feb 15

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) stated that the technical glitches, that have halted the renewal of licenses and registration of food business operators (FBOs) under the Food License and Registration System (FLRS), shall be removed by February 15, 2018.

The country’s apex food regulator added that the FBOs, who are unable to renew their licenses, will be allowed to continue their operations. They have also been given a window to renew their licenses and registration.

In a letter issued on February 5, 2018, FSSAI stated that the FLRS, which is information technology- (IT) enabled went off the track in December 2017. As a result, many FBOs were unable to renew their licenses and registration (as a result of which they could not continue their operations).

“Most of the cases were related either to non-payment of fees online or the inability to upload the requisite documents for the purpose, due to reasons mainly attributable to technical errors. Consequently, the licenses of many FBOs expired for no fault of theirs,” it added.

Garima Singh, director, regulatory compliance, FSSAI, assured in the letter that the FBOs whose licenses were not renewed during the said period could continue to be operational, reiterating that the functioning of the FLRS system would be normalised by February 15, 2018.

“Taking this into account, it has been decided that FBOs whose licenses have not been renewed during the said period will be allowed to continue their food businesses. The functioning of the FLRS system is expected to normalised by February 15, 2018 and shall be communicated,” she said, adding that a window will be provided to all such FBOs whose licenses got expired during this period to renew their applications subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria.


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