Erring FBOs, manufacturers fined Rs.2.65 lakhs


The Court of Adjudicating Officer (Additional Deputy Commissioner) Srinagar imposed a fine of Rs 265000 on 11 Food Business Operators (FBO) for manufacturing/selling substandard and misbranding food articles.
In addition 1500 litres of Mustard oil Vinayaka brand has been ordered to be destroyed properly as the same was seized and found substandard after analysis.
The complaints against these Food business operators were filed by Food Safety Officers after receiving sanction from Assistant Commissioner Food Safety Srinagar under over all supervision of Commissioner Food Safety J&K.
The food business operators have been warned to desist from the malpractice of Food Adulteration, otherwise stern action under Food Safety and standard Act shall be initiated against them.

Swiggy – based outlet fined for stale biryani

Telengana : Food court penalises customers for wasting food


A food court in Adalath Centre penalises customers for wasting food.
‘Kedari Food Court’ which is owned by Lingala Kedari, has introduced a ‘carrot and stick’ policy to keep a check on wastage of food. Kedari had introduced this policy around two years ago and since then he has been ensuring that no customer leaves the place without paying the fine in case he or she wastes food.
Speaking to ANI Kedari said, “I do not like people who waste food. We serve good quality food here. I tell people very frankly that if you waste food you are not invited here. Also, I do not serve food to those who come to our food court after consuming liquor. People should learn to respect food.
Kedari also informed that his family including his wife and their two sons work at the food court.Furthermore, he claimed that TRS working president KT Rama Rao is fond of the fish curry made by his wife.
Elaborating upon the food that is severed at the ‘Kedari Food Court’, owner’s son Akash Raj told ANI: “Customers can have a meal with chicken curry, egg curry or fish as accompaniment and in vegetarian, we have 15 varieties of dishes. Till a couple of months ago, 300 to 400 customers would eat here on a daily basis but now the number has touched 800.

FDA slaps Rs.5 lakh fine on Maganlal Food Products for violating food safety norms

FDA slaps Rs 5 lakh fine on Maganlal Food Products for violating food safety norms​

PUNE: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials have initiated an adjudication process and slapped a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh on Lonavla-based Maganlal Food Products, the manufacturer of Maganlal’s Chikki, for violating food safety norms. 
After issuing the manufacturer a stop production notice for not adhering to quality standards early in December, the FDA officials have now found that the sample of chikki they had drawn from the outlet at the time of surprise inspection in December, contained synthetic edible colour in excess amount.
The officials have tested the chikki samples at designated government laboratory in Pune. 
“The sample of Maganlal’s strawberry peanut crush chikki was found to contain thrice the prescribed limit of edible synthetic colour. As per the food safety norms, the prescribed limit of the edible colour used in the chikki is 100mg/per kg, whereas the colour used in the drawn sample of chikki was 306.55mg/per kg,” Suresh Deshmulkh, joint commissioner (food), FDA, Pune told TOI. The sample was drawn on December 12.
Owner of Maganlal Food Products Ashok Agarwal said, “We have been serving customers for many years and the edible colour we used was always the best. However, food handlers’ visual observation might have prompted them to add more than the required colour in the chikki product. We have decided not to use any edible colour in our products from now on.”

Eateries will be fined , if found wrapping food products in recycled plastic , newspapers

The Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has directed all Food Business Operator (FBO) not to wrap food products using recycled plastics, newspaper and paper sheets.
The move was taken after the results of two studies conducted by FSSAI which noted the presence of chemical contamination and heavy metals from packing materials into food. 
  • New rules will come into effect after July 1, 2019
  • FSSAI has amended all existing provisions in respect to packing requirements
  • This was after 2 studies noted presence of chemical contamination and heavy metals in packaging materials
The Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), the apex food regulator in India, has regulated food packaging norms after they found contamination in food products through its packaging material. They have directed all Food Business Operator (FBO) not to wrap food products using recycled plastics, newspaper and paper sheets.
This is the latest direction to all FBOs by the apex food regulator. The move is taken after the results of two studies conducted by FSSAI which noted the presence of chemical contamination and heavy metals from packing materials into food.
The study was done in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Mumbai and the National Test House (NTH), Kolkata.
In the recent notification, the Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has amended all existing provisions with respect to packing requirements prescribed in the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011.
Pawan Agarwal, CEO of FSSAI told Mail Today, “We have given time to all FBOs till July 1, 2019 to gear up for the new packaging guidelines. The greater safety concern is for food packaging material by unorganised sector or loose packing. These regulations prohibit packaging materials made of recycled plastics, including carry bags for packaging, storing, carrying or dispensing articles of food.”
About 380 food samples were collected from unorgansied sector and 13.4 per cent of overall contamination was found in food articles. Out of which, 51 samples were found with heavy metal contaminant such as plastic pouches, lid container, bottle, Al Foil etc.

J & K : Erring traders fined

The court of Additional Deputy Commissioner-cum- Adjudicating Officer, Ganderbal Naseer Ahmad Wani under the Food Safety Act imposed a fine of Rs 97,000/= on a number of traders for violating the provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act-2006, Rules and Regulations -2011.
Further the Food Business Operators were directed to correct the deficiencies found during the course of Adjudication in the food products which were processed/packed/manufactured and pumped into the market for consumption of general masses by them.
The ADC said that the district administration will be taking stern action against people found involved in adulteration of food, medicines and other important commodities.

Rs 5000 fine for selling stale food at Bali Yatra

Over 650 food joints and eateries are under the scanner of the special quads at the fair venue

A fast food kiosk at Bali yatra venue in Cuttack on Monday.
The civic body on Monday decided to impose heavy penalty on eateries at Bali yatra trying to stale and unhygienic food following large scale seizure of stale food over the past three days.
“We have decided to invoke the Food Safety Act and impose a fine of Rs 5,000 on eateries on every instance of seizure of stale and unhygienic food,” city health officer Umesh Panigrahi told The Telegraph on Monday.
Special squads are on job to continuously check the quality of food being served at various food joints at the fair right from 7.30 in the morning till 11 at night.
“We are focusing on the quality of food taking into consideration the heavy turnout of people and the hazards of unchecked consumption of stale and unhygienic food,” Panigrahi said. He said the food safety drive would continue till the end of the fair.
Official sources said the civic body’s food safety wing had so far destroyed more than 6.6 quintals of food following seizure from various eateries and vendors.
Three special squads — one led by a food safety officer and the other two by sanitary inspectors along with ten health workers and supervisors in each 51 had started off with destroying 70kg, followed by 1.4 quintals on Friday and Saturday respectively. More than 3.5 quintals of stale food was seized and destroyed on Sunday alone.
More than 650 food joints and eateries are under the scanner of the special quads at the fair venue.
Cuttack collector Arvind Agarwal and municipal commissioner took stock of the food safety drive on Sunday.
Several hotels across the city that had opened kiosks were found to have brought leftovers of the day from their restaurant to sell at Bali yatra on the first evening.
“During raids, we have detected attempts to sell stale and leftover chicken and rice-based food items and,” the health officer said.
He said huge quantities of milk-based products along with around 500 rasagolas were also seized and destroyed.
The special squads are also keeping an eye on the use of colour in the food items. The civic body has also been making announcements through mikes to create awareness among people to avoid unhealthy food items and lodge complaints at its counter.
“We are receiving numerous complaints from the public,” a health wing official told The Telegraph.
“The civic body has made it mandatory for all food joints to display their food licence in their kiosks. Those food sellers or vendors of Cuttack Municipal Corporation area who do not have food licence have been directed to apply for it at our counter,” the official said.