8 of family taken ill, food poisoning suspected

Shahjahanpur: (UP)

Eight members of a family, including four children, were taken ill possibly due to food poisoning at Miyapur Akhtiyarpur village in Shahjahanpur’s Sindhauli block. They were found in a semi-conscious state by a neighbour, who raised an alarm and they were taken to the community health centre.

Police said Jagatpal, a local, saw his neighbour Bhagwaan Sharan lying unconscious outside his house. When he went inside the house to inform the others, he saw all the members of the family lying in a semi-conscious condition. He immediately informed other villagers and they called the 108 ambulance and sent all the family members to the CHC, Sindhauli. Later, all of them were referred to the district hospital, where their condition is stated to be stable.


According to Sharan, he had invited his sister Verma Devi, 56, and his nephew Sheru, 25, for dinner on Saturday night. Everyone ate pumpkin and chapatis made of wheat flour and went to sleep. Thereafter, everyone fell ill and could not even gather the strength to inform anybody and ask for help.


Fortunately, their neighbour Jagatpal happened to see Sharan. Sindhauli police also arrived on the spot to investigate if somebody had tried to poison the family but found nothing suspicious. The wheat flour used for making chapatis was not poisoned.

The doctors at the district hospital said all the family members were stable in the evening but the children would be kept under observation till Monday.


Station officer of Sindhauli police station said, “We received the information about the suspected poisoning case but when we inspected the village and spoke with doctors, it turned out to be a case of food poisoning. We will be recording the statement of the family members once they are discharged from hospital.”


Over 70 students and teachers hospitalised for food poisoning

Kohima :
Over 70 students and teachers of a reputed school in Kohima reportedly contracted food poisoning after eating food prepared  by students at a farewell event organised for its class XII students on Friday last. 
According to sources, the students were hospitalised in different hospitals at the state capital with symptoms of vomiting, sweating, diarrhea and fever. 
In a private nursing home informed that around 53 students were admitted on Friday, out of which 15 to17 students, whose symptoms were severe. 
“All the beds in the hospital are occupied and more students continue to come in,” a source informed. 
With the rush of the patients coming in with similar symptoms, a sort of emergency was reported at the hospital authority hastened to ensure 
accommodations as well as treat the patients. The students and teachers were also in another two nursing homes. 
It is suspected that the students and teachers included contracted food poisoning after consuming dessert made with milk and eggs, reportedly prepared 
by the students. The farewell event for the class XII students of the school was hosted by class IX, X and XI students. Even some parents, who consumed 
the food presumably the dessert, brought home by their children, were also admitted in the hospital, sources said. 

12 girls fall ill after eating food served in Govt. run school

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Karnataka : 30 students fall ill after eating hostel food

M. Lokesh, Deputy Commissioner, speaking to a student admitted to McGann Hospital in Shivamogga on Monday. Abhinav Khare, Superintendent of Police, looks on. 
Looks like a case of food poisoning: Medical Superintendent
As many as 30 students at Morarji Desai Government Residential School in Gajanur village near here who fell ill owing to suspected food poisoning have been admitted to McGann Hospital, a government hospital attached to Shivamogga Institute of Medical Sciences, in the city on Sunday night.
Of the 321 students who had dinner at the hostel on Sunday night, 30 complained of stomach ache and vomiting. The wardens immediately admitted them at McGann Hospital where they were administered fluids and medicines intravenously.
On Monday, Deputy Commissioner M. Lokesh visited the hospital and spoke to the children. Mr. Lokesh said the samples of food served to the students and drinking water at the hostel have been sent to the laboratory for testing.
T.B. Satyanarayan, Medical Superintendent of McGann Hospital, said that the health condition of all the students was stable. “Prima facie is appears to be a case of food poisoning. However, though the same food was served for all 321 students that includes 160 boys and 161 girls, only 30 girls have fallen ill. The exact reason for the problem will be ascertained after the results of the tests conducted on food and drinking water samples are made available. The condition of the students is being closely monitored and they are likely to be discharged on Tuesday evening,” he said.

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