Consumer alert – Reliance Fresh selling expired product

Consumer complaint as posted by Ashithapp on March 17-2019 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photo

Yesterday i bought tropicana juice with 50% off. But the product is expired more than 1 year. As its expiry date is only for 6 months, they are selling it still after 1 year. This is not acceptable for a customer and it is our trust in you that we purchase almost everything from there. This is a bad thing and you should refund the amount for this great loss otherwise we will take serious action against this. Hope you will solve this issue soon.

selling expired food product

Consumer alert – Metal piece found in Parle biscuit

Consumer complaint as posted by Manishh1588, Powai, Mumbai City on March 17-2019 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photo

I found a metal piece inside your 20-20 biscuit.
I was about to have it just when I saw the metal inside the biscuit.
This is not the quality check standard expected from a company like Parle. Millions of people consume your products everyday. Consumer must feel safe while having your products.
I am attaching the picture of the biscuit for your reference.

metal piece found in your biscuit

Consumer alert : Not well after eating Amul Dark Chocolate

Consumer complaint as posted by Reeba Malik, Gautam Buddh Nagar, UP, on March-09-2019 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

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Hey This a consumer who had got Amul Dark Chocolate 5 days before from my near by shop, I had Just open the packaging to eat that but What I saw Is Something small particle all over the chocolate just like sugar I just tried to taste that to confirm that’s sugar or not I Intake a small bit of the Amul Dard Chocolate and It taste really bad even It Is far away from Its expiry date! I vomited that certain moment and Even I’m not feeling well after eating that

Consumer alert – Duplicate brand with fake products

Consumer complaint as posted by SheikhBasha 24/4/1981/  in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum on March 3rd -2019

Address of manufacturing is udyogam agare, Indore m.p. please take necessary action on your duplicate brand. This company is cheating the consumers with fake products . This product looks like same as melody original chocolate. Children buy this fake chocolate and it may harmful to the health of the children. I request you to take necessary action.

duplicate melody chocolates in market

Consumer alert : Chicken Soup With Hen Feather

Consumer complaint as posted by Samraj Santhoush on Feb 25-2019 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum with photo

Image result for swagath grand hotel habsiguda

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I have given order for chicken soup from swagath grand hotel habsiguda through zomato last night.
The soup after completing 20% one hen feather came to my spoon from the soup.. I have called them but they talk to me carelessly… After that zomato people said they will refund the amount… But at mid night i was hungry i needed food to eat not refund they deny arrange food at night. I was slept with empty stomach.. I am seriously giving complaint to take a serious action on swagath grand at the same time on zomato for not checking quality food supply from good restaurants… I have taken video and pics of that food with have feather in it..

chicken soup with hen feather

Consumer alert : THink before you buy ‘mineral’ bottled water

Consumer alert : Kaleesuwari Refinery Pvt Ltd. – Bad odour and taste in Goldwinner oil

Consumer complaint as posted by Manjunatha Sindogi on Feb 15th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

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Hello Sir, I am regular user of gold winner oil. Recently I purchased 5ltr oil and found bad odour and when used in cooking food tasting is also having bad taste. I am also feeling stomach upset even my family members having the same. Please don’t sell such bad quality product and cheating customer.
Return to me with proper CAPA and root cause details of batch T014. I will submit sample for analysis.

Manjunatha S