Consumer alert – Domino’s Pizza – Plastic pieces inside the base

Consumer complaint as posted by gunjika1 on July 1-2018 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum 

I bought a order from dominos outlet in Udaipur RAJASTHAN in shakti nagar outlet .there was a plastic pieces inside the base .I don’t how it could happened .It would have hurt my mouth also .It may be I could be shallow .
It might be hurt .It would be not good for my health. Be careful to make it your base .I will not visit your outlet next time . Thanks

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Consumer Alert – Parle Agro – Bailley Mineral Water – Algae and Mud In Water Can

Food Business Operator : Parle Agro (Manufaturer)

Retail point : Pune

Product : Bailley Mineral Water (20 ltrs pack)

Image result for Bailley Mineral water can - 20 litres

Representational image

Issue : Algae and mud inside water can

Consumer complaint as posted by Nilesh Kakde , Pune on June 16th -2018 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

I regularly buy 20 ltrs of bailley water at my home, yesterday i received the same i opened it and what i found is algae and small particles of mud in it.
Its not good at all from company’s part. Company needs to take action against it, this is like playing with people’s life. I want clear action against it. I have taken few videos of it which i can send it to you.

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