Consumer alert – Complaint against Rasna (Nagpur Orange) juice

Food Business Operator : Rasna Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Place : New Hyderabad, Lucknow

Product : Rasna (Nagpur Orange)

Issue : Vomiting and headache after consuming Rasna (Nagpur Orange)
Consumer complaint : As posted by Foofoo on May 27th in India Consumer Complaints Forum
I am a resident of new hyderabad lucknow and this is to inform you that last night i and my family members had rasna (Nagpur orange) after which we all started suffering from vomiting and headache although it was not an expiry product. I would request the concern authority that please investigate and check your product so that no other customer suffers because of it.
PESPRO Comments
Please confirm with a Doctor that vomiting and headache is due to food poisoning. On Dr s advise you can file a complaint with the District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district along with sample and doctors report as evidences for taking regulatory action. Manufacturers will not respond to posts in this forum.

Consumer alert – Patanjali Ayurved – Forged Date of Expiry

Food Business Operator : Patanjali Ayurved (Manufacturer)

Distributor : Patanjali Retail Outlet

Place : Kamrup Metropolitan, Assam

Product : Dhania powder

Issue : Forged Date of expiry

Forged date of expiry

Photo: As posted by consumer

Consumer complaint as registered by Randomaks on May 24 th in India Consumer Complaints Forum 

I being a retail counter of patanjali is unhappy with the distributor who forge the expiry date and sell it to us.. this i feel is wrong to us, to the public and also to the brand name of patanjali.
I happen to buy dhania powder from them and saw the dates are being forged.i immediately rejected the item n shouted at them. But i this same thing wont be done by every person, and just for the stupidity of the distributor some random person might have health issues after having the expired product.

Complaint Status

[May 25, 2017] Patanjali Ayurved customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
The matter can be brought to the notice of District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district with evidence for initiating regulatory action against the manufacturer / distributor .


Consumer Organisation condemns selling spoilt food

Kohima :
Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) today alleged that a bakery in Kohima sold spoilt chicken bun to a customer.
A press release from the Press & Media Cell, NVCO informed that the customer took his grievance to the Department of Food Safety and further brought it to the notice of the NVCO.
Condemning the act of the food operator, President of NVCO Kezhokhoto Savi asserted the case is to be dealt with very seriously as it concerns “seriously causing harm to our citizens’ health especially the innocent and ignorant consumers which may lead to food poisoning,” the release said. He added that similar problem is becoming more and more common in the market.
The release informed that the Government of Nagaland has already implemented the Food Safety & Standard Act 2006 in the State and the Chief Medical Officer Kohima has informed the food business operators, including hotels, restaurants, provisions, bakeries, groceries, home based canteens of schools/colleges, office, tea stall, street food vendors, etc. to obtain food safety license/registration. As per the Act, it said, the Food Safety Officer should check all the mentioned food business operators.
The Food Safety & Standard Act 2006, NVCO stated, aims to consolidate the law relating to food and to establish the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for laying down science based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, to ensure availability of sale and wholesome food for human consumption in the country.
Food safety refers to the condition and practices that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination of food borne illness, it added.

Consumer alert – Mondelez Foods – Cadbury Dairy Milk – stinking

We bought a diary milk silk oreo flavor today and had the biggest disappointment of our life. The whole package smelled of leaked oil and was stinking. The outer packages seemed drenched in oil, and the whole chocolate smelled of stale oil. We checked if the chocolate is edible, but the package and chocolate smelled of oil. For the higher pricing of silk chocolates, as a normal consumer in india, we expect little more of better quality. I am not sure if there will be any response to our complaint too. Still we want this to reach the respective authorities so that proper quality check is maintained for the product and we hope that others dont come across this bad experience from cadburys, a brand that we all trust, at least used to trust!!
Code # i70225a
Pkd date -02/17
Bar code #89012333023014

Complaint Status

[May 12, 2017] Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India Customer Care‘s response, May 12, 2017
Dear Annasleeba, Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd) endeavors to maintain the highest quality standards. In case you are dissatisfied with your recent purchase, please help us to understand your concern better. Request you to write to us at providing us with your purchase and contact details along with your reason for dissatisfaction. Assuring you of our best services.

Thank you,
Consumer Service Cell, Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd)

Consumer alert – Karachi Biscuits – 2 big stones found

Food Business Operator : Karachi Bakery

Place :  Hyderabad, AP,

Product : Karachi Biscuits Kaju & Cherry Flavour

Karachi Biscuits Kaju & cherry flavorKarachi Biscuits Kaju & cherry flavor

Issues : 2 Big stones in biscuits

Karachi Biscuits Kaju & cherry flavorKarachi Biscuits Kaju & cherry flavor

Consumer complaint as posted by Srinivas Dhanala on May 12th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

With Deep Pain!

On this Friday Morning I was enjoying my favorite Karachi biscuits gifted by a dear friend of mine travelling from India. I eat almost 8 pieces of the biscuit and to my surprise one of the biscuits had 2 big stones. I almost chewed this stones and was about to break my jaw teeth. I am highly disappointed by the fact that a brand like Karachi Bakery does not take care of the quality of the ingredients used.

How come a 60 year celebrating brand with such premium price and worldwide recognition not even follow the basic principal of quality.

I am highly disappointed for the fact that even the smallest of bakeries take care of hygiene and a brand like Karachi Biscuits ignores it.

I have been a fan of bakery products since my childhood days in Mumbai and I have never faced such issues even from the local bakery products.

I could have broken my teeth today. Thanks to the fact that I was not chewing it too fast.

I will post this to all my friends and relatives and I will strongly recommend them not have any biscuits supplied by you. I do not want any of my near and dear ones to get hurt.

Attached pictures of the packet and the stones for you to work on it. I would expect a courtesy revert on the action taken on this. Else I am going to put this up in consumer court.
With Deep Pain,

Srinivas Dhanala

Contact No: +971-529877225

Complaint Status

[May 12, 2017] Karachi Bakery customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
Dear Srinivas, It is unfortunate your favourite trusted brand is now facing quality issues. If you are interested to file complaint issues on quality, hygiene standards of the factory, you can do it with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) with the evidences you have. You can also approach consumer court for deficiency in products .



Complaint comments

IRCTC – Higher rates charged by registered hawkers

Consumer complaint as posted by Jpparida on May 5th 

I am travelling by 18048 amravati exp from hubli to cuttack . At vishakhapattnam station while buying a packed fruit cake from a registered hawker on platform 04 he asked me 05 rupees more than the printed price . When i asked him why, he said it is the norm . When i said i ll complain, he said as u wish . I would also like to inform that this practice of charging extra than MRP is rampant in many stations and not only to this to which i am complaining. I would request a response from your side for the actions you have taken . Adding a photo of the hawker and his stall . Thank you

Higher rates charged by registered hawkers

Consumer alert – Parle Agro – Appy Fizz- Fake product leads to food poisoning

Food Business Operator : Parle Agro

Place : Gurgaon, Haryana

Product : Appy Fizz

Issue : Fake product

Fake apple productFake apple productFake apple productFake apple product

Photos as posted by consumer

Consumer complaint as posted  by Shobiti 0714 on May 4th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

I have purchased Appy Fizz last night and I am suffering from stomach pain and vomiting since morning. I contacted doctor and took medicines, that costs me around ₹500.
After watching closely to the can I found that the Appy I had last night was not real product. I am attaching the pictures of the same product so that you can compare and identify the difference in real and fake product
Its very urgent to inform you that there are many shopkeepers selling this product in the market and there are many consumers who may suffer the same I did.
I have also forwarded a same mail to FSSAI and a letter to Institute of Food Security, Food Corporation of India, Plot No 87, Sector 18,
Gurgaon -122015(Haryana)
Please, provide some solution and assure me that this won’t happen again with me and anyone else as your company is of good reputation in the market, therefore I hope there will be some strict decisions to be taken very soon.

Complaint Status

[May 05, 2017] Parle Agro customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

Updated by Shobhit0714, May 04, 2017
Contact no. – 9452500599
Email –

PESPRO Comments :

I suggest to file complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety) along with the evidences to investigate and take necessary action against the Manufacturer / Distributor / Retailer.