Consumer alert – Parle Agro – Frooti – Suspected material leading to health problems

Food Business Operator : Parle Agro (Manufacturer)

Place : New Delhi (Retailer)

Product : Frooti (1.2.lit pack)

Issue : Bunch of black things

Consumer Complaint : As posted in India Consumer Complaints Forum on July 22nd by Rajinder Singh Mangoo 

We just purchased 2 bottles of frooti 1.2 ltr before 1 week, one bottle is opened after drinking half an glass my husband got fever at night, yesterday doctor confirmed that he is suffer from typhoid fever and liver infections which is come by some bacterial infection by drinking or by eating some bacterial food, then we check that he drink only frooti at that day, when we check bottle it has some uncommon things inside it which is not seen when bottle is packed, so for ur concern i’ll tell you that there are some uncommon thing inside it like tissues and bunch of black thing, now he is very ill and we spend more than 10000 in 1week, we have both bottles with us with mfd date 03-04-17 and expiry is after 6months from this date, i also attached some pictures of the frooti pls look into this matter on immediate basis.


PESPRO Comments:

When consumers come across such incidence, it is better to substantiate their claim by photos, bill etc. They can take up this issue with the Manufacturer by mail with photos. Manufacturer may insist on returning the product for testing . Fro regulatory action against the manufacturer , complaint may be filed with the area District Designated Officer (Food Safety) along with the evidences.

Consumer alert – MTR Foods – Fungus and stinking smell in Rajma Rice

Food Business Operator : MTR Foods (Manufacturer)

Retailer : Modern Market , Saket,  Delhi

Product : Rajma Rice

Issue : Fungus and stinking smell


mtr rajma and ricemtr rajma and rice

Consumer complaint : As posted in India Consumer Complaints Forum on July 17th

I bought rajma rice from mtr toady that is 19 july 2017 from modern market saket delhi and when i opened the rice it was full of fungus and stink thank god i my sisters kids did not have it i am an advocate in delhi will file a case against mtr as it is ingenious to human health. I would like the comapny to contact me asap as i will file a case

Shiv prabal kaushik
Advocate delhi

Complaint Status

[Jul 20, 2017] MTR Foods customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

MTR Foods Customer Care‘s response, Jul 20, 2017
Dear Customer,

We have noted your complaint. We would request you to kindly write in to us at our Customer Care Cell – with details of the product lot no and Mfg date along with your contact details to enable us to do further in this regard.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Warm Regards,

Customer Care
MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd


Dairy products to carry quality mark

The logo will be unveiled on Thursday
VADODARA: Like Woolmark assures you of getting quality wool and Agmark and ISI marks are assurance that the agriculture produce or industrial products that you buy are of good quality and standards, dairy products in the country including milk pouches will have a quality mark logo on them.
The Anand-headquartered National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) on Thursday will unveil the quality mark logo which will be launched by union minister for agriculture and farmers welfare Radha Mohan Singh at Krishi Bhavan in New Delhi.
The dairy products carrying this quality mark logo will assure the consumers that the products are free from any kind of adulteration. The union minister will award certificates to 14 selected manufacturing units for adopting food safety and quality management systems for milk and milk products and adhering to quality mark parameters. The first 14 manufacturing units selected for the award certificates include six manufacturing units based in Karnataka that manufacture dairy products under Nandini brand, four units that manufacture Punjab’s popular Verka brand, Junagadh and Kutch Dairy of Gujarat which are makers of Mahi brand and two manufacturing units run by Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited based in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh that manufacture Mother Dairy products.
NDDB’s quality mark will provide dairy cooperatives and producer institutions the much needed brand identity and a competitive edge, said NDDB’s chairman Dilip Rath.
“This will also contribute to building consumer confidence in dairy cooperative brands. It is aimed at bringing about process improvement in the entire value chain from producer to the consumer to ensure availability of quality milk and products,” a NDDB official said.
The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Fisheries (DAHDF) and NDDB are providing necessary funding and technical assistance under various schemes such as National Programme for Dairy Development and National Dairy Plan to the dairy cooperatives to help them bring about process improvements in their dairy value chain to qualify for award of “quality mark”.
An 11-member management committee comprising of DAHDF representative, managing directors of four federations, a representative from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and two experts in dairying will oversee activities of the quality mark.
As part of the scheme, interested federations, cooperative dairies, government dairy units can apply for the quality mark. Only dairy units that adopt food safety and quality management systems for milk and milk products and adhere to parameters given in the guidelines of quality mark are eligible for it.

Consumer alert – Mondelez India Foods – Fungus layer in Cadburys chocolate

Food Business Operator : Mondelez India Foods (Manufacturer)

Place : New Delhi (Retail point)

Product : Cadbury Dairy Milk -Fruit & Nut

Issue : Fungus layer on the chocolate

I am complaining about cadbury dairy milk chocolateI am complaining about cadbury dairy milk chocolateI am complaining about cadbury dairy milk chocolate

Photos : As posted by consumer

Consumer complaint : As posted in India Consumer Complaints Forum

Hello team, 

Today (15july2017) i bought a cadbury dairy milk chocolate (Fruit and nuts), after opened i was fungus layer present on the chocolate, after see this i was very shocked. 
Request you to please resolved this issue otherwise i will submit your complaints to government and take high actions against you.

I am enclosed some photos of this product.


Product code h 70111, packed 01/2017, bar code 8901233022222


Response of Mondelez India Foods :

Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India Customer Care‘s response, Jul 17, 2017
Dear Tushar, 

Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd.) has always endeavored to maintain the highest quality standards, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please enable us to address your concern by writing to, with your purchase and contact details.

Thank you, 
Consumer Service Cell, Mondelez India Foods Private Limited (formerly Cadbury India Ltd

Consumer complaints on GST in restaurants

Gurgaon, Haryana

Biggie Hospitality Llp/ Prankster — Service charge and VAT added to bill along with CGST and SGST

We went to this restaurant PRANKSTER shop no.8, 9, 10 sector-29 Gurgaon(Haryana) ph no. 0124-4266653/54 on 01/07/2017 i.e. immediately after the government implied GST to all the sectors following which all the other form of taxes were declared null and void.
However on our bill we had to pay service charge, VAT along with CGST and SGST. Bill no : R000192
Even after bringing this to their notice they were not ready to understand the difference and were rude to admit any flaw with bill.
We are expecting a refund of this excess tax amount.
Service charge and VAT added to bill along with CGST and SGST

Mumbai City, Maharashtra

Malgudi Simply South Restaurant — haven’t revised food rates post gst

Malgudi restaurant based out of infinity mall in andheri west haven’t revised their food prices post gst and are calculating 18% gst on the un revised rates. 

This is unfair as under gst they receive input tax credit which has to be passed on to customer as per the media interaction…

Kailash Parbat Restaurant — haven’t changed the food rates post gst

I was in kailash parbat restaurant located at infinity mall, andheri west today. To my surprise, they haven’t revised their food price which was previously including the tax rate and are charging 18% gst rate on the same. 

This is unfair on two accounts (I) they aren’t passing.

Hyderabad, AP
I was charged 20% more than mrp for a half litre water bottle purchased at here’s what’s cookin at hyderabad. The mrp on the water bottle was ₹10 while i was charged ₹12 on the bill. To add to this i was charged 12% gst on the total bill which included even the water bottle amount. I’m attaching the copy of the bill please take a look into it and follow it up with strict action
Gautam Buddhnagar, UP
When the government has launched a policy regarding tax and service charges levied by restaurants, then why are restaurants still charging service charge forcibly? I went to imperfecto (Near gip nioda) along with my friends where they charged us 10% service charge. On questioning the manager, he said, “it is our policy and we have written it on our menu and in front of the restaurant.” on further questioning, about the law and policy in india, he got furious and became angry and eventually refused to accept any kind of notice from the government. As we argued further and started to point out difference between tax and service charge (Which is nothing but tip), his derogatory statements made us furious. He said, “why do you come to these kind of restaurants when you do not have money.” and further added to eat at mcdonalds’. When my friends and i continued to argue, trying to explain the issues with a harder tone to him, he abused us and threatened to throw us out of the restaurant. He even abused one of my female friends when she said it’s one nation so there has to be one policy. We paid the bill and thought to report at consumer court. We need to be cautious about our hard earned money and where it goes. Service charge has never been in the law and is something that restaurants charge saying it’s for their staff. But only a staff will tell you where all the money goes. Be aware. Be responsible. The bill is attached below.
Service charge forcefully applied on bill
Junior Kuppanna Restaurant — GST Fraud
Restaurant Junior Kuppanna at Anna Nagar East, Chennai. This restaurant is raising manual hand written bills without GST number on it but at the same time collecting 18% GST. No computer bills where printed.
We had lunch in this restaurant on 02-July-2017. It is high likely they will pocket these GST money without paying to Government.

Please take action against this restaurant.
Address of the restaurant
W122, , 3rd Ave, W Block, 
Anna Nagar East, 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040





Consumer alert – Haldirams Classic Salted Peanuts – bad and pathetic condition

Food Business Operator : Haldirams (Manufacturer)

Place : Ludhiana , Punjab (Retail point)

Product : Classic Salted Peanut

Issue : Bad and pathetic condition

Salted peanuts

Image as posted by consumer

Consumer complaint as posted by Robin Jangra on July 8th in Indian Consumer  Complaints Forum

Product is under Expiry date, it tastes bad, looks bad, pathetic condition, it’s funny that still company boasts about their products hygiene, please check the images of product attached, you must see the real deal.on packet the best before date is 23/10/2017, the day I posted this ad. is 08/07/2017, if company won’t pay attention then the matter will be directed to national authorities.

PESPRO Comments :

Your complaint needs testing and I suggest to file complaint with your area District Designated officer (Food Safety



Consumer alert – Cadbury India – Worms and Fungus in Cadbury India Dairy Milk

Food Business Operator : Mondelez India Foods (Manufacturer)

Place : Mangalore 

Product : Cadbury Dairy Milk

Issue : Worms and Fungus in Cadbury Dairy Milk

Worm and fungus in cadbury dairy milkWorm and fungus in cadbury dairy milk

Consumer complaint as filed in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum on July 3

Ate 2 of them without noticing and when i noticed the 3rd one i found a worm crawling out . I was a bit too late since i ate one end of it and the worm had eaten the side of the chocolate.
Disgusted and disappointed.
So opened rest 6 of the cadbury to check. And unbelievably there was some FUNGUS like growth on one of them. 

I want to create an awareness to all about this

I have all good quality videos and photos for evidence. If you are interested in making this a news please contact me as i want everyone to be careful.

Vinay sherlekar


Complaint Status

[Jul 03, 2017] Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
Safe storage methods not followed by retailer must be the reason. Representing to manufacturer will not yield any result. File complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety)