Consumer alert : Cockroach in milk

Consumer complaint as posted by Naina Shukla Tiwari , Thane in India Consumer Complaints Forum with photos

Today as usual we received 2 packets of gokul pasteurised full cream milk. After poured it in the pan i got literally shocked, there was a cockroach in the milk whose body parts were scattered all over in the milk. Me and my husband are food technologist, we are very well aware that to run a factory you have to follow hygiene practices and there are few filters also through which product (Milk) has to pass before packing, even after this if these kind of ridiculous things are happening it means there is no factory level practices are being followed.
Now a days situation we all are already aware, whole world is suffering from corona pandemic, government is again and again recommending to follow hygiene practices, this kind of irresponsible and shameful behaviour is not at all acceptable.
Please take immediate strict action against gokul milk so that in future these kind of companies will learn a lesson and follow proper protocol and hygiene practices.
Thane, mumbai


cockroach in milkcockroach in milkcockroach in milkcockroach in milk

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