Consumer alert – Coco Cola – Expired bottle with dust

Food Business Operator : Coco Cola Company

Product : Coco Cola

Issue : Expired product with dust in the bottle

Consumer complaint as posted in Indian Consumer Complaints  Forum by Saikat Dutt 143 on August 2nd 2017

I had a coca cola 200 ml this evening(Dated 08/02/2017) from a shop . My friend had a thumps Up 200ml from this same shop . The manufactured date of my coca-cola was written as 12/01/17 and the thumps up bottle had some dust in the glass which my we noticed after the shop keeper opened it. So, my friend decided to have another bottle of 7Up as he refused to drink that thumps up.
when we get to pay the shop keeper charged us rupees 36 which included the expired Coca-Cola and the Thumps up bottle. Please have e look as We are much worried about this kind of act keep going on in our locality. Many shop keepers are selling expired dated cold drinks and food. As a responsible citizen I Saikat Dutta, age 25 is reporting this incident to you hoping that you will take strong enquiry and as well as Action if needed.
Thank you.

Complaint Status

[Aug 02, 2017] Coca‑Cola Company customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.

 PESPRO Comments
Manufacturers do not respond to the posts here. Customer Care Service Rating in this forum is just 1% only. Advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area to investigate this matter.


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