Consumer alert – Heritage Fresh – selling date expired food products

Food Business Operator : Heritage Fresh (Retailer)

Place : Secretariat Colony Main Road, Adambakkam, Chennai

Product : Ginger paste packet

Issue : Selling expired products

Consumer complaints as posted by Tella Murali on July 31st in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum


We bought groceries from heritage super market on 29th july, 2017 at adambakam branch. But heritage selling the expired food products which is used to mix in all variety of food items. We found dabur ginger garlic paste packet got expired already which is manufactured on 19th feb, 2016. Mostly these kind of paste products having very limited preservation within some time constraint it will get expired. Already it got expired last year 2016 itself but still they are selling these kind of products in their outlet which is not good for people who are not checking these expiry dates on the products. It will be more harmful to the children if they eat that kind of products. Even we informed this issue to them but they are very careless and not giving proper response. They said that they are having every month audits but audit people also not recognised these expiry products in their outlets. It means who is responsible to this issue, is it audit people? Else management? Kindly register case.

selling expired productsselling expired productsselling expired products
PESPRO Comments:

Manufacturer / Retailer will not respond to comments posted here. Request to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) Chennai for initiating regulatory action.





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