Consumer alert – Parle Agro – Frooti – Suspected material leading to health problems

Food Business Operator : Parle Agro (Manufacturer)

Place : New Delhi (Retailer)

Product : Frooti (1.2.lit pack)

Issue : Bunch of black things

Consumer Complaint : As posted in India Consumer Complaints Forum on July 22nd by Rajinder Singh Mangoo 

We just purchased 2 bottles of frooti 1.2 ltr before 1 week, one bottle is opened after drinking half an glass my husband got fever at night, yesterday doctor confirmed that he is suffer from typhoid fever and liver infections which is come by some bacterial infection by drinking or by eating some bacterial food, then we check that he drink only frooti at that day, when we check bottle it has some uncommon things inside it which is not seen when bottle is packed, so for ur concern i’ll tell you that there are some uncommon thing inside it like tissues and bunch of black thing, now he is very ill and we spend more than 10000 in 1week, we have both bottles with us with mfd date 03-04-17 and expiry is after 6months from this date, i also attached some pictures of the frooti pls look into this matter on immediate basis.


PESPRO Comments:

When consumers come across such incidence, it is better to substantiate their claim by photos, bill etc. They can take up this issue with the Manufacturer by mail with photos. Manufacturer may insist on returning the product for testing . Fro regulatory action against the manufacturer , complaint may be filed with the area District Designated Officer (Food Safety) along with the evidences.


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