Milk adulteration’s going unchecked

Chamber seeks clarity over milk adulteration issue

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore, has requested the Government of Tamil Nadu to take steps to end the controversy on adulteration of milk. Its president Vanitha Mohan said it is an issue that has put the milk industry and the farmers in a fix.
Stating that adulteration of milk with water has been going on for ages, she expressed concern over recent videos of adulteration of milk with dangerous materials such as blotting paper and detergents that are being circulated in the social media. This is causing anxiety among public, she said. 
At this juncture, she said, that the Minister for Dairy Development KT Rajenthra Bhalaji’s statement on adulteration of milk in Tamil Nadu, challenges the statement by the milk industry and data released by the minister have increased the apprehensions in the minds of the people. She added that it is high time that the Government of Tamil Nadu cleared the air. 
With Tamil Nadu reeling under an unprecedented drought and agricultural income plummeting to an alltime low due to failure of crops, dairy farming has been the only saving grace. While milch animals have significantly helped farmers manage their cash flow these confusions have affected them badly. 
Vanitha Mohan pointed out that the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, gives enough powers to the State Government to set standards for various varieties of milk and also has the machinery to enforce these standards.

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