Consumer alert – Haldirams Classic Salted Peanuts – bad and pathetic condition

Food Business Operator : Haldirams (Manufacturer)

Place : Ludhiana , Punjab (Retail point)

Product : Classic Salted Peanut

Issue : Bad and pathetic condition

Salted peanuts

Image as posted by consumer

Consumer complaint as posted by Robin Jangra on July 8th in Indian Consumer  Complaints Forum

Product is under Expiry date, it tastes bad, looks bad, pathetic condition, it’s funny that still company boasts about their products hygiene, please check the images of product attached, you must see the real deal.on packet the best before date is 23/10/2017, the day I posted this ad. is 08/07/2017, if company won’t pay attention then the matter will be directed to national authorities.

PESPRO Comments :

Your complaint needs testing and I suggest to file complaint with your area District Designated officer (Food Safety




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