Govt. Industry and Farmers need to ensure pesticides are used scientifically – Experts

“The government, industry and farmers need to work in tandem to ensure that pesticides are used scientifically in such a way that Indian agriculture as a whole benefits with the resultant fall in crop attacks and increase in crop yields,” said experts during a seminar organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in association with the department of agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare and other departments.
The seminar held on Wednesday witnessed a panel discussion on empowering farmers with the use of agrochemicals.

Officials said the seminar was aimed at facilitating national food and nutrition security by empowering farmers with knowledge about role of crop protection chemicals, by bringing to their notice the good initiatives of the government about the latest technological developments which are sustainable and environment friendly.

Vinay Mathur, deputy secretary general, FICCI, presented an overview of the seminar and said there was a need to facilitate national food and nutrition security. “For that to happen, we must empower farmers with knowledge about role of crop protection chemicals, for a sustained growth of Indian agriculture and economy,” he said.

Dr Madhu Gill, consultant to the government of Punjab, organic farming, said initiatives like multi-cropping, crop rotation, and judicious use of agrochemicals should be taken into consideration. “Through the medium of this seminar, we aim to empower the farmers to achieve higher yields and crop protection,” said G B Singh, regional head, Regional Council of Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh, FICCI.


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