Consumer alert – Cadbury India – Worms and Fungus in Cadbury India Dairy Milk

Food Business Operator : Mondelez India Foods (Manufacturer)

Place : Mangalore 

Product : Cadbury Dairy Milk

Issue : Worms and Fungus in Cadbury Dairy Milk

Worm and fungus in cadbury dairy milkWorm and fungus in cadbury dairy milk

Consumer complaint as filed in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum on July 3

Ate 2 of them without noticing and when i noticed the 3rd one i found a worm crawling out . I was a bit too late since i ate one end of it and the worm had eaten the side of the chocolate.
Disgusted and disappointed.
So opened rest 6 of the cadbury to check. And unbelievably there was some FUNGUS like growth on one of them. 

I want to create an awareness to all about this

I have all good quality videos and photos for evidence. If you are interested in making this a news please contact me as i want everyone to be careful.

Vinay sherlekar


Complaint Status

[Jul 03, 2017] Mondelez India Foods / Cadbury India customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
Safe storage methods not followed by retailer must be the reason. Representing to manufacturer will not yield any result. File complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety)

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