Consumer alert – ITC – Plastic strip found in Marie Biscuit

Food Business Operator : ITC Ltd (Manufacturer)

Place : Bengaluru (Retail point)

Product : Sunfeast Marie Light Biscuit 

Image result for sunfeast marie light biscuit

Issue : Plastic strip found in biscuit 

Consumer complaint as posted by C.AmrutheshwarRajkumer 0n June 27 in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum 

Hello, i am c. Amrutheshwar rajkumar from bangalore. I purchased a pack of sunfeast marie light biscuit few months back, i was shocked to see a foreign material in one of the biscuit which i consider it as plastic. This plastic was a strand which was in the middle of the biscuit and it was not separate.
I did contact itc regarding this issue and they put a case number which is: 2017/1203. Few days later, on 27/04/2017 an executive collected the biscuit for the lab test and he also provided me an acknowledgment that he has received it.
My request was just a lab report from itc. Instead they sent me a pdf about the steps they take to filter the raw materials. A few days later they informed me that the foreign material that was found was a raw material. Even then, if they are using the best filtration procedures and machines then why did i still find the raw material in the biscuit.
I spoke to three to four executives and they only wanted me to put an end to this, they never gave me a satisfactory reply.
Suppose if i had not seen the foreign particle, if i had consumed it, i would have fell ill because plastic is a hazardous material.
I did try explaining that i just wanted a lab report and they said they do not get things tested outside and they have there own labs. Well, if that’s the case, let the lab give me a report.
Note: i wanted a biscuit and not the raw material.
I do not want a refund but i want a good justification regarding my issue.
I do have the images, video and the acknowledgement.
*date of the incident: 19/04/2017.
*contacted itc: 24/04/2017.
*name of the product: sunfeast marie light rich taste.
*product batch number: d1b.
* product packed on: 24/03/2017.
* requesting for: lab report.



Complaint Status

[Jun 28, 2017] ITC customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
Manufacturers response to consumers grievances will not solve the problem or fulfill your expectations. Complaint should have been lodged with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area with the evidences you have for initiating regulatory action. Its a waste of time and energy fighting with the manufacturer.



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