Food Safety Enforcement News – India this week – June 4 – 2017


Food safety officers inspect fish centres

IMPHAL | May 30
A team of food safety officers led by Y Satyajeet inspected the fish centres in the markets of Imphal West and took the samples of the fishes today.
The inspection was carried out as part of the 100 days programme of Directorate of Health Service, Government of Manipur of and the team was comprised with food safety officers Dr M Dinesh, Dr Nonglei Pebem, Dr S Purnali and other staffs.
The samples were picked up being in suspicion of containing harmful chemical formaldehyde in the fishes which are brought in from other states.
The officers advised the fish shops to have a proper license for selling fish and to be aware of the food safety acts, and further stated that legal action will be taken up as per law against the supplier of the fishes if the harmful chemical is found in the fishes.

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