Consumer alert – Domino’s Pizza – Contaminated Garlic Bread – Leads to Food Poisoning

Food Business Operator : Domino’s Pizza 

Place : Jalegaon, Maharashtra

Product : Garlic Bread

Issue : Contaminated leading to food poisoning

Consumer complaint as  posted by Neelam Valbhanu on May 31st in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

This sunday we went to dominos jalgaon.. Kids eat pizza and me n my wife eat garlic bread. Kids were find but both me and my wife suffered from food poisoning later after 2 hours… Vommiting and loose motion for entire day.

Contaminated garlic bread given at jalgaon outlet.. My family suffered from food poisoning.
I want to sue dominos for this.
I want a compensation urgent basis.

PESPRO Comments :

File complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for initiating regulatory action against the manufacturer for causing food poisoning. You can claim damages in consumer court. Manufacturers normat dont responds to complaints posted in this forum.



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