Consumer alert – Patanjali Retail Stores – Pulses eaten by bugs

Food Business Operator : Patanjali Retail Store 

Address : Near Robin Paint Storem Phirni Road , Sangrur, Punjab State 

Product :Pulses

Issue : Pulses eaten by bugs

Consumer complaint : As posted by Anejasumit on May 25th in India Consumer Complaints Forum

I have purchased pulses from patanjili store and next day as I open the packet to my surprise it was full of bugs and eaten by bugs and even a little in powdered form I instantly checked dates on all the packets and found that on most of the packets date is going to be expired that date of packing is of Nov 16 and even date on one packet is knowingly erased by he dealer. However the shopkeeper returned the items which were packed and refused to return the packet which I have opened . But she yet not able to understand the sensitivity of the matter of being selling the goods with bad quality. Kindly look into the matter. This store is situated near ROBIN PAINT STORE phirni road Sangrur.

PESPRO Comments :

File a complaint with your area District Designated Officer (Food Safety


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