Down with food poisoning , on history paper she scored 72

Meerut: Aarushi Verma could hardly sit for her history exam, as she was detected with poisoning two days before the exam. For a subject she was most scared of, getting ill was the last thing that Aarushi had expected. But, her strong determination and hard work succeeded. Not only did Aarushi — a student of Meerut Public Girls’ School, West End Road — scored 72 marks in history, but also got overall 84% in her CBSE Class XII humanities result.

“Just two days before my history exam, I had gone to school with a friend to get some problems solved by my teacher. She was teaching me when I started puking. Later, I found that I was suffering from food poisoning due to something I ate a day ago. Even on the exam day, I was feeling nauseous. I completed my paper and rushed to home due to my poor health. I hardly had any expectations from my history paper,” said Verma.

History is one subject that Verma had dreaded to reappear. “I have this ‘history phobia’, just like my other friends. After the exam, I was just praying for a decent score. Though my percentage fell a little due to history marks, I am glad that it is over to never come back again,” said Verma.


Incidentally, Verma had even fallen ill during her pre-boards as well. “I am known in the school for falling ill before exams. But, to have fallen ill during boards was something I had least expected. Luckily, it is all gone now,” said Verma.


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