Consumer alert – Complaint against Rasna (Nagpur Orange) juice

Food Business Operator : Rasna Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Place : New Hyderabad, Lucknow

Product : Rasna (Nagpur Orange)

Issue : Vomiting and headache after consuming Rasna (Nagpur Orange)
Consumer complaint : As posted by Foofoo on May 27th in India Consumer Complaints Forum
I am a resident of new hyderabad lucknow and this is to inform you that last night i and my family members had rasna (Nagpur orange) after which we all started suffering from vomiting and headache although it was not an expiry product. I would request the concern authority that please investigate and check your product so that no other customer suffers because of it.
PESPRO Comments
Please confirm with a Doctor that vomiting and headache is due to food poisoning. On Dr s advise you can file a complaint with the District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district along with sample and doctors report as evidences for taking regulatory action. Manufacturers will not respond to posts in this forum.

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