Consumer alert – Patanjali Ayurved – Forged Date of Expiry

Food Business Operator : Patanjali Ayurved (Manufacturer)

Distributor : Patanjali Retail Outlet

Place : Kamrup Metropolitan, Assam

Product : Dhania powder

Issue : Forged Date of expiry

Forged date of expiry

Photo: As posted by consumer

Consumer complaint as registered by Randomaks on May 24 th in India Consumer Complaints Forum 

I being a retail counter of patanjali is unhappy with the distributor who forge the expiry date and sell it to us.. this i feel is wrong to us, to the public and also to the brand name of patanjali.
I happen to buy dhania powder from them and saw the dates are being forged.i immediately rejected the item n shouted at them. But i this same thing wont be done by every person, and just for the stupidity of the distributor some random person might have health issues after having the expired product.

Complaint Status

[May 25, 2017] Patanjali Ayurved customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
The matter can be brought to the notice of District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district with evidence for initiating regulatory action against the manufacturer / distributor .



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