Consumer alert – Worms in Milma milk

Food Business Operator : Milma

Place : Ernakulam

Product : Milk

Worms in milma milk (Yellow packet)

Photo : As posted 

Issue : Worms in milk

Consumer complaint as posted by freeindian on May 22nd in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

We used to buy milma milk on a regular basis. Past few weeks we got two packets of damaged milk, which did not report to any one. I bought link on 21st May 2017 which had expiry written on 22nd may 2017. When we heated milk it had worms in it. We washed the vessel and water was not added to milk (please don’t tell water we added had worms.).

Please help to ensure the quality of basic things such as milk. If we added tea or any other things this would have been easily missed out. Milma is widely used even for infants and this would be quite harmful for them.

PESPRO Comments :

Consumer is advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district along with the evidences.



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