Consumer alert – Pepsico – Slice and 7 Up -Full of insects in 200 ml bottle

Food Business Operator : Pepsico India

Place : Jammu, J & K

Product : Slice 7 Up

Image result for SLice and 7 up 200ml bottle

Photo: Google Images

Issue : Full of insects in 200 ml bottle

Consumer complaint as posted by Vikas Chaudhry on May 20th in Indian Consumer Complaints Forum

There is a complaint logged on 21st april 2017 in respect of the insects found in slice 200 ml bottles. 1 bottle has been handed over to one of pepsico executive on 12th May 2017 for investigation. But we have not received the investigation report so far. It seems that pepsico is not concerned about the health of public.Selling poison specially refillable bottles.
PESPRO Comments :
Advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety ) of your area.

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