Foods that can help you repel mosquitoes

The messengers of summer – mosquitoes – are here already. The annoyance doesn’t end with their buzzing, whining, biting and itching. Recent stats show the number of cases of Chikungunya and Dengue going much higher, causing much anguish among people. When indoors, we have ways to control mosquitoes around us but what about when we are outdoors? One with a humanitarian bent of mind might even think before hitting them down. So, the best way out – eat what would repel these pesky flies naturally.

There are foods the smell of which mosquitoes repel naturally. If you eat them more during summer, chances are you will turn into a mosquito repellent yourself. Include the following in your diet to do so.

Garlic, Onions

Much infamous for repelling mosquitoes, garlic and onions make you release a compound called allicin when consumed. Other members of this plant family, such as shallots and chives, also function the same way. Consume them raw or add them to your dishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Pesky mosquitoes repel the scent that your body releases after consuming apple cider vinegar. It alters your normal bodily scent to make it unappealing to the little punies. Try to consume one tablespoon of the vinegar each day by drinking it as it is or by adding it to honey, soups or salads.

Chilli Peppers

If you love chilli, here’s your bonus: They repel mosquitoes. They contain capsaicin, a heat-producing compound that helps repel mosquitoes. Add them to your favourites and you are good to go.


This one contains an oil called citronella, a popular bug repellent. You can consume it in your Thai recipes or in soups and curries.

Beans, Lentils, Tomatoes

These three are grouped together because they all contain thiamine, a component that makes you release a bug-repelling smell. Flavor your food with tomatoes and have beans and lentils as sides or as entrees.

Vitamin B1

Though this theory is affirmed by some and refuted by others, according to Empire State Lyme Disease Association, this vitamin alters your body scent to repel mosquitoes. Sources of this vitamin include milk, nuts, oats, orange and peas, among others.



A study has shown that alcohol can make more mosquitoes land on your skin. Another study specifically pointed out beer, citing that drinking beer changes the person’s body odor, making him/her attract more mosquitoes. 

Salty Foods

When you consume high salt, your body has higher amounts of lactic acid, making you more prone to mosquito bites.

Sugary Foods 

Yet under debate, there’s no concrete proof as to whether they make you attract mosquitoes. If you detest even the sight of them, you may as well ditch sweets.


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