Fake Water packaging units

Recuse of water bottles

Vazhakkad (Malappuram): The inspection conducted by Panchayat authorities at a food and beverage manufacturing unit at Mundumuzhi has found that water bottles collected from railway stations are being refilled with water and sold. Authorities closed down the centre which was functioning in unhygienic conditions without following any guidelines.

Another establishment situated nearby was also fined. Rail Neer water bottles that are available in railway stations and trains only were found at the establishment. The firm collects and refills the water bottles that are abandoned in tracks and waste baskets at the railway stations, before selling them. The stickers of the old bottles are removed before selling them.  It is suspected that drivers are being influenced to collect the bottles that are being sent to the recycling units from railway stations. The establishment manufactures and packs Sarbath, mineral water, soda, soft drinks and essences. Each item is packed in different names.

 What is more astonishing is that the firm has not put any boards or signs outside the unit.  Ten women are working at the firm on a regular basis. Fungus-affected mango, lemon and other items are kept in various casks. It is suspected that these are cleaned and used again. None of the owners were present during the inspection.  The authorities will examine whether the food safety license of the firm is fake


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