Sweet seller in jail for adulterated food

A judicial magistrate’s court here sentenced owner of a sweet shop to one year in prison with fine of Rs 5,000 for selling adulterated sweets at his shop near Por bus-stand.


Officials of Food and Drug Department went to the shop of Pritesh Patel in May 2008 and bought 750 grams of sweet which were kept on sale as samples. The food inspector sent samples to a public analyst and local health authority for examination.

The public analyst in his report informed the department that the sweet contained synthetic food colour which are prohibited. The food inspector lodged complaint against Patel under Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. During the trial, the accused asked for reanalysis of the sample in Central Food Laboratory. After testing the samples, the laboratory in its certificate submitted to the court said that the sample of the sweet does not confirm to the general safety standards laid down for food under the Act. Additional public prosecutor Pranav Joshi argued before the court that the food inspector had followed all procedures of sampling, sealing and packing according to the law and the evidence too proves the offence for which Patel should be convicted.

The judicial magistrate A P Patel, while sentencing the punishment to Patel observed that the adulterated food articles affects the health of public at large and therefore it is incumbent on the seller to maintain highest standards of quality.


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