Unit making ice-candies with Saccharin unearthed

The ice-candies which were destroyed by health officials on Saturday
The ice-candies which were destroyed by health officials on Saturday

JAIPUR: Food safety officers unearthed a manufacturing unit of ice-candies for allegedly using saccharin as a sweetener on Saturday. Saccharin is an artificial sweeter which is not permitted to be used as an ingredient for producing ice-candies.

The manufacturing unit — Jai Shree Ambey, is situated in Jaipuriyon Ka Bad at Sirsi Road. “The food safety officers collected two samples of ice candy and milk candy. We have also destroyed 1,000 ice-candies which were prepared with saccharin,” chief medical health officer (CMHO) Jaipur-I, Dr Narottam Sharma said.

At the time, when a team of CMHO raided the manufacturing unit, they found that there were workers in the unit manufacturing ice-candies. “We asked them if they have used saccharin in preparing the ice candies. They accepted that they have used the artificial sweeteners. They have also given it in written,” Verendra Singh, food safety officer said.

“Saccharin is harmful to children especially those who are under-14 years. It affects bones badly. In rural areas, these ice-candies are sold and its sale picks up during summer,” Singh said.In comparison to Saccharin, sugar is quite expensive. To earn heavy profits during summer when the demand for ice-candies goes up significantly, they use of saccharin. The granulated sugar most customarily used as food is sucrose. Saccharin is more than 300 times sweeter than sucrose, the officials said.

Officials said that if lab reports show that the ice candies contain saccharin, they will present the case before the court.

The firm caught preparing ice candies using saccharin, sale it in the rural areas. If children consume it regularly, they become vulnerable to different kinds of health related problem. Food safety officers also claimed that it may have a carcinogen effect on children. Officials said that whenever they have found saccharin in ice-candies, the testing report shows that it is unsafe for consumption.


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