17 children fall ill after eating left over sweets

As many as 17 children and three women, from Sanjay Gandhi Nagar in Srirampura, were admitted to K.C. General Hospital on Tuesday night after consuming sweets, which they had bought for ₹1 from a woman in the locality.

The police found out that the woman, identified as Manjula, who sold them the sweets, worked at a convention hall as a cleaner and used to collect the leftover food and sell the same cheaply.

The incident came to light when two children were shifted to Indira Gandhi Hospital initially, soon after they developed nausea.

Later, the 18 persons fell sick. The victims are said to be out of danger.

On Tuesday, the victims had consumed ‘haalkovas’ bought from Manjula, the police said.

There was a function at a convention hall on Monday evening and Manjula had collected some of the leftover ‘haalkovas’ in the night.

She sold the same to the children and the residents .


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