Food adulterators sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and fine

Ahmedabad: The maida you may happily used to make snacks may have ash and sulphuric acid or the chilli powder may have synthetic dyes to make it look redder. It seems that adulterated food products are being sold widely. A revelation by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on Monday stated that the that civic authorities had convicted around 10 food manufacturers, for producing and selling unsafe adulterated products.

Adulteration included the excessive use of colour in laddoos, turmeric in ghee, tetrazine yellow synthetic colour in nan khatai, adulterated vegetable oils, non-permitted soluble dyes in chilli powder, synthetic food colour in mouth fresheners, ash and sulphuric acid in maida and synthetic additives in tomato sauce. The owners of 10 eateries, dairies, bakeries and food manufacturers were convicted by metropolitan magistrate Court No.8 and were jailed for six months. Additionally, the court fined each of them Rs 10,000. 

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