Dead Rat in Pulao – Akshaya Patra says not in their food

Ahmedabad: Following Wednesday’s incident of a dead rat being found in vegetable pulao served during mid-day meal at a government-run primary school in Jamla village, Kalol, the district health department instituted a detailed inspection of Akshaya Patra kitchen at Gandhinagar.

In a press release issued on Thursday by Akshaya Patra, it was claimed that the department has expressed satisfaction over the quality and food safety standards maintained by the kitchen and that it found pest control measures meeting standards of the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA).

The cooking process was conducted in a hygienic centralized kitchen, the statement said. “It is important to note that food is cooked at a temperature of about 95 to 99 degree centigrade and up to 140 degree centigrade while seasoning in a through stirring and inspection process,” read the statement.

“The visuals shown in the reports clearly indicate that the incident could have not occurred in our kitchens,” claimed the statement.
Akshaya Patra claimed that it has received feedback from other school centres related to the same distribution route which clarify that no illness of any kind was encountered after consumption of the food supplied.
It further added that the raw food material is first inspected according to FSSAI standards, all the vessels which carry prepared food – rice cooking cauldrons, dal or sabzi tanks, dal cookers are thoroughly sterilized by boiling water before usage. “Similarly all the knives, cutting boards undergo the same process before use,” stated the press release.

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