Consumer alert – White gravel found in Sarvottam Khakara

Food Business Operator : Sarvottam (Manufacturer), D Mart – Retailer

Place : Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra

Product : Khakara

Image result for Sarvottam Khakhra

Issue : Gravel in Khakara

Khakhra: White gravel found in Sarvottam khakhra lot no 216

Consumer complaint as posted in on April 18th

We were appalled to find small white gravel-like pieces in every bite of the methi khakra we bought from Sarvottam, manufactured on 28 Jan, 2017, with lic no 215111900130. We purchased this product from D-Mart, Aundh branch. I have attached a picture of the khakra where the gravel like substance can be seen.

We hope this problem can be resolved at the earliest possible time with a compensation for the khakra sold to us. Do contact us if additional information is required.

PESPRO Comments:

File a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district for solving this issue.




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