Consumer alert – Bagrrys – Oats contain larvae

Food Business Operator : Bagrrys (Manufacturer), Military Canteen (Retailer)

Place : Gautam Buddhnagar, Greater Noida , Uttar Pradesh

Product : White Strawberry Oats 

Image result for Bagrrys - Strawberry Oats

Issue : Larvae in Oats

Consumer complaint as posted by Ushant Rana on April 16th in

Hi Team,

I tried to contact you many times regarding the problem in your white strawberry oats. I have bought the oats from millitary canteen and during utilisation i saw that there are white larvae in it which is not seen in dry oats with naked eyes but when its mixed with milk then then larvae float on top of it.
So its my request to kindly check why there is such a problem in your product.

PESPRO Comments :

Presence of larvae in Strawberry Oats indicates the bad quality product not following good storage practices . Responsibility lies with both manufacturer / packer and the retailer. Matter can be brought to the notice of District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your district for regulatory action along with the samples.


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