Consumer alert – Big – Fake Eggs suspected

Food Business Operator : Big (Retailer)

Place : Bengaluru

Product : Eggs

Brand : Fresho

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Issue : Fake eggs

Consumer complaint as posted by Ashwit Kerkera on April 16th in

Recently we bought a tray of 30 eggs from Big basket belonging to Fresho and could not consume any of it suspecting it’s all fake eggs.
This egg is much stranger in its characteristics compared to other eggs. At first, the shell was very hard, thick and had to put extra effort to break it unlike normal ones. Next, the inner thin delicate layer was also not really thin neither delicate. Again we had to put extra effort to open inner layer. More over, once egg yolk removed out, I could peel off that inner delicate layer and it was coming out as a whole without breaking. I tried to break that inner layer skin with my two hands by pulling each side, and I had to put little more effort to break or cut it compared to normal ones.
Next, once u put the egg onto Tava, the egg yolk gets spreaded immediately and mixes with white parts which is also unusual. I tried many eggs but couldn’t maintain the yolk as is on the tava.
The smell of the egg is also bad, rotten type.

Complaint Status

[Apr 16, 2017] customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments :
Complaint can be filed with District Designated Officer, (Food Safety) Bengaluru District along with the samples for testing.

Image result for fresho eggs



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