Food Safety Enforcement News – Tamilnadu this week – April-16







Bitter truth about artificially-ripened fruits

Stringent action against traders selling such fruits
Public cautioned against consuming artificially-ripened fruits to prevent cancer
The Food Safety Department has cautioned people against consuming artificially-ripened mangoes and other fruits to avoid intake of cancer-causing chemicals. Acetylene gas generated through use of carbide stones for ripening would cause cancer, District Collector S.Prabakar said in statement urging consumers and traders to be on vigil. Toxic effect is also caused by direct spraying of erythron on the fruits.
The harmful chemicals are the cause for stomach ache, throat irritation, diarrhoea and related complications that would eventually lead to cancer, the statement said, informing that artificially ripening can be determined when the fruits are soft on the exterior, but raw inside. Artificially-ripened mangoes would bear patches of green on the skin, and be bereft of the natural aroma, sweetness and juiciness.
Sapota, guava and bananas were also being ripened artificially, the Collector said advising people to soak such fruits in salt solution for 15 minutes before washing them well in warm water for a minute or two. The fruits could then be consumed after peeling off the skin. Traders indulging in artificial ripening of fruits will be prosecuted under stringent sections by the Food Safety department. The public coming across such practices could convey complaints over phone: 0424-2223545 to the District Designated Officer for Food Safety and Drug Administration.



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