Panel slams Railway officials for filth and bad food at stations

Vadodara: A two-member team of Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC), constituted by the Ministry of Railways, pulled up officials of the Vadodara railway division over filth at the station and poor food quality for passengers.


Making a surprise visit following several complaints, the team comprising Dr Ashok Tripathi and Mohammed Irfan Ahmed reprimanded senior divisional officers and asked divisional commercial manager Pradeep Banerjee to take up passengers’ complaints seriously. They also asked him to take action against the unauthorized food vendors’ lobby. “These food vendors sell unhygienic food. Even when there is Janta Khana of IRCTC is available, the unscrupulous vendors are doing a brisk business,” said Tripathi.


Banerjee was asked to look into the complaints about behaviour of rail employees. “Passengers even complained to us that the employees are rude to them. At ticket windows, they refuse to give them change and are pushed away if passengers argue,” said Tripathi. He said that the private contractors are paid lakhs of rupees per month yet they do not employ necessary number of workers. He alleged that against the required number of 70, only seven workers are currently working in a shift.


Railway Police Force (RPF) also got a earful from the committee. Some female passengers complained that RPF constables remain mute spectators on the platform despite seeing some male passengers staring and even pushing them. “We had expected a lot from Vadodara railway station but we are highly disappointed,” Tripathi told TOI.


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