Consumer alert – The Right Moo – Icecream shelflife – extended

Food Business Operator : The Right Moo (Manufacturer)

Retailer : Metro Super Market

Place : Bengaluru

Product : Ice Cream

Issue : Extended shelf life of 9 months

Consumer complaint as posted by Rishap Enterprises P Ltd on April 2nd in

Processed food can be stored up to 3 months and it is following all over the world. But this company giving shelf life of ice cream for 9 months which is very dangerous for the end users. Most of the cans do not have packed date as well. Metro super market is selling this item at buy one get one free which are passed 6-7 months of packing. All over Bengaluru and in India hope this kind of 6 – 7 months old ice cream is selling by this company.
Need to check, who has given the authority to put shelf life of 9 months which is not acceptable in health issue.

PESPRO Comments :

File a complaint with Food Safety Dept. in Bengaluru for investigation


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