Consumer alert – True Elements – Worms in Yellow Saffron Tea claimed Organic

Food Business Operator : True Elements

Image result for True Elements

Place: Mumbai city

Product : Organic Saffron Tea

Image result for True Elements - Organic Saffron Tea

Issue : Worms inside tea

Consumer complaint as posted in on Mar 27th

I bought yellow saffron tea from amazon of True Elements brand.
I spent 300 rs for this tea and there were worms inside that tea. Is this what you give to the customers who spend tons of there money..
It was written organic so i bought that for my mom and i found this.
Of something had happened who is responsible?
I want government should take strict action against TRUE ELEMENTS company.
I hve photos of worm and tea which is not getting attached to this site.
I will file a complaint if no action taken.


PESPRO Comments :

Consumer is advised to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area where it was purchased along with the evidences for initiating regulatory action against the manufacturer.


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