Substandard Parle G – Manufacturer not attending court trials

Food Business Operator : Parle Products P ltd. (Manufacturer)

Retailer : Basant Bakery, Gwalior, MP

Product : Parle G Biscuits

Image result for Parle G glucose biscuit

Issue : Fails in tests, Manufacturer not attending court trials for 17 yrs

Consumer complaint as posted by vijjudiksh on March 23 in

Dear sir/madam,
I inform you to about my parle company case .
I am a small shopkeeper in gwalior. In 30-03-2000, food inspectoon department were taken a sample of parle-g glucose 100g biscuit which was fail in standard .food sample was taken by food inspector (N.R.JATAV ) but in this case, faulter is company because i am the shopkeeper not the manufacturer of parle biscuit . From 30- 03-2000 to 22-03-2017 i have present in court at every date but company’s any member or staff not present in court . I had spent 17 years in this case . Company is not doing anything.
So, i kindly request you to take any action immediately . Thank you

Contact no.
9826456262, 8109736623, 9575221839


Complaint Status

[Mar 23, 2017] Parle customer support has been notified about the posted complaint

PESPRO Comments

When the sample fails in standards after following due procedures it is the responsibility of Food Safety Dept files case against Manufacturer, Distributor and Retailer who have handled that product lot. As a retailer you can not be left out. With regards to your case dragging on for 17 yrs and no response from Manufacturer, you can file a discharge petition as the deficiency in the product is due to manufacturers defect and as retailer you handled the product without any damage to the packaging.If the court is convinced you can be relieved.


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