Consumer alert – Bisleri International – Dead Insect found inside bottle

Food Business Operator : Bisleri International

Place : Bengaluru

Product : Drinking Water Bottle

Issue : Dead insect in water bottle

Insect found inside bottleInsect found inside bottleInsect found inside bottle

Consumer complaint as posted by vikram 1978 on March 21st in

I have purchased a 250 ml on 15.03.2017 Bisleri drinking water bottle & found a dead insect (Fly or mosquito) in the intact bottle.

Complaint has been registered over the phone with the consumer care person & person visited for cross verification.

There is no prompt response from the concerns after physical verification of the bottle.

FR. B.No: 331

Complaint Status

[Mar 21, 2017] Bisleri International customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Bisleri International Customer Care‘s response, Mar 21, 2017
Dear VikramGreeting from Bisleri !

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Bisleri has been a symbol of trust and purity since the last 50 years. We ensure you that we take stringent steps  towards   maintaining the purity of our products.
Such an incident will be investigated and necessary actions will be taken.

Request you to kindly send your contact details and location to, so that our team can resolve this issue at earliest.

Customer Service Rating : 16% 

Complaints registered : 149, Resolved : 22

PESPRO Comments:
Consumer is advised to file complaint with the District Designated Officer (Food Safety) for regulatory action against the manufacturer. Manufacturer will get the problematic bottle from the consumer in the name of testing and he will be deprived of from complaining with the regulatory authority. It is a clear case of lapse by Bisleri International by not following Good Hygienic Practices especially pest management which has led to this situation.



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