Consumer alert – Godbole The Food Zone — Spoiled food served

Food Business Operator : Godbole The Food Zone 

Image result for Godbole The food Zone

Product :Meals 

Issue : Spoiled food served 

Spoiled food servedSpoiled food servedSpoiled food servedSpoiled food served

Consumer complaint as posted by Sangeeta Ghodke on March 14th in

We had ordered a parcel from this outlet yesterday i.e 15th March’17 and the same was delivered to us @ 9.00pm. When we sat for dinner at 11.30pm and opened the container, the food was stinking(smelling) and there was something foamy floating on the food ( see attached photo) We immediately packed it and went to the hotel as it was very near to our house, and showed the owners who were closing the shop and leaving. They denied and said that its fresh and they foamy thing is a part of the curry. But the owner’s wife understood something was wrong and quietly accepted the container and said that we will refund the money. Our question is we did not do this to get the refund, but you must serve hygiene food to the customers atleast.


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