Consumer alert – Reliance Fresh -Daily Life Milk – Curdled

Food Business Operator : Reliance Fresh (Retailer)

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Place : Madipakkam Main Road, Chennai – 600091

Product : Daily Life Milk (500ml)

Curdled MilkCurdled Milk

Issue : Curdled milk

Consumer complaint as posted by Mr.N. Krishnaswamy on March 12th  in

C245y #0057 19.03.19 11MAR2017
S02261 R001
CARD NO 6048631022580263

I bought 5 litres – 10 numbers of 500 ml packets of milk – Dairy Life milk from North 3, Alan during Madipakkam Main Road, Chennai 91 at 19.00 hours on 11.03.2017.
When I boiled them one by one, I am astonished to find out that the milk curdled / spoilt one by one.
This has not only resulted in waste of time, money and effort, but also considerable mental agony and inconvenience.
This is the second occasion of this nature in past 2 months.
Is it because of no air-conditioning or because of improper storing at your store?
However, I expect that the milk be replaced.
And your store keeps them at right temperature.
Awaiting a speedy favourable response and oblige.
Wish you Happy Holidays!
Best regards,
N. Krishnaswamy

Complaint Status

[Mar 13, 2017] Reliance Fresh customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Customer Service Rating : 1 %
Complaints : 1133, Resolved : 14
PESPRO Comments :
Customer Service Rating of Reliance is just 1% in this forum. Posting here will not solve your problem . Contact your vendor to solve this issue. You can also file complaints with District Designated Officer, (Food Safety) Chennai in West Jones Road Saidapet, Chennai . For further info log in .
Opinion :
Why does milk curd?
Image result for milk curdle
This is exactly what happens when milk curdles. As the pH drops and becomes more acidic, the protein (casein) molecules attract one another and become “curdles” floating in a solution of translucent whey. This clumping reaction happens more swiftly at warmer temperatures than it does at cold temperatures.
How bad for you is curdled milk ?



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