Consumer alert : ITC – Fungal balls in Bingo Yumitos leads to Diarohoea

Food Business Operator : ITC Ltd.

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Product : Bingo Yumitos 

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Issue : Fungal balls leading to Diarohoea

Consumer complaint as posted by Anusha Vinay on March 10th in

I bought bingo yumitos for kids in our home..i found fungal balls like things in ate them n suffered with diarhoea..these kind of things are unacceptable..they have to be punished n stop them manufacturing these type of quality less n harmful food..i have photos n packet with me still..i am gonna fight for this…so many innocent children are eating without knowing about these things..we shouldnt leave these people..i will post the pics in dat everyone gets to know.

Complaint Status

[Mar 11, 2017] ITC customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
PESPRO Comments:
Its a manufacturers defect which they wont accept it. Suggesting the consumer to file complaint with their area District Designated Officer (Food Safety) as it needs testing which has lead to diarrohoea. For more info follow :

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