Consumer alert : Adyar Ananda Bhavan — Akki roti was smelling cockroach

Food Business Operator : Adyar Anandha Bhavan

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Place : HSR Layout, Bengaluru

Issue : Cockroach smell in Akki Roti

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Consumer complaint as posted by Deepak Krishnappa on March 10th in

Hi I had been HSR layout branch of A2B it as spoiler its name here I took Akki roti it had cockroach smell in it people never bother about customer health also pethatic place we told the supervisor but he told to change it for any other thing I took idle but the sambar was not good the taste is also spoiler.You will lose your brand name if it continues.

PESPRO Comments:

It is the responsibility of A2B to follow Good Hygienic Practices and keep their premises Pest free. But the complaint by the consumer by a reputed Food Business Operator is a serious one and doubt whether Pest Management practices are followed there.
Consumer can file a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety ) Bengaluru for taking regulatory action .


One thought on “Consumer alert : Adyar Ananda Bhavan — Akki roti was smelling cockroach

  1. Today , we went to A2B Adyar LB road & ordered few sweets. When we came home, which is apparantly opposite to the sweet shop, we realised that it was spoilt & was already sour. We then went back with the bill to mention our grievance, the manager gave a cold response that it was only a bit spoilt & gave us a replacement sweet from another section mentioning that it was freshly made, he has also taken the bill from us & not returned.We dint want to argue since we came with relatives from other city. We wish to have a call back from concerned higher authorities .
    Date – 26th July
    Time – around 1:30PM
    Bill amount : 101Rs
    Payment Mode : Cash

    PN :: If we had given the sweet to children who couldnt have identified that it was spoilt & fallen sick, who would be responsible ?

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