Consumer alert – Cockroach in Channa Batura

Food Business Operator : Moti Mahal Express 

Image result for mahagun metro mall vaishali ghaziabad Moti Mahal Express

Place : Mahagun Metro Mall, 5, B Food Court ,Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Image result for mahagun metro mall vaishali ghaziabad

Product : Chenna Batura

Image result for Channa Batura

Issue : Cockroach in Channa Batura

Consumer complaint as posted by Amonjot Kaura on May 7-2017 i


My name is Amanjot Kaura (9888847787)

Today me & my friend went to Moti Mahal Express in Mahagun Metro Mall(5-B, Food Court), Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, where we ordered 01 plate Channa Bhutra & Rajma Chawal. When we were eating our meal. I suddenly saw a cockroah in Channa. I went to the concern person and told him about the same. He was saying sorry to me but i told him that you are playing with people’s health, he ignores me. He started selling the same to other customers.

In panic situation, he refunded us our total bill: You can even check their CCTV footage of today also( Time around 1pm to 2pm)

I want you to take strict action against them so that they will not play with the public health:

Complaint Status

[Mar 07, 2017] Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Customer Satisfaction Rating : 1 %
Complaints registered : 572, Resolved : 7 
PESPRO Comments :
It is the responsibility of the Food Business Operator to prepare and supply safe food in hygienic condition. Presence of Cockroach in food shows no importance given to pest control. Food Safety authorities who inspect should taken into account seriously during the inspections as it has become a regular news nowadays.
Advising the consumer to file complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) Ghaziabad for initiating regulatory action.
Image result for Roaches in food

Cockroaches look for any food source: as a result, they will find and eat anything that they can, including feces, garbage, scraps, glue, paper, just about anything. While that may be good for nature to have something that cleans up the garbage in nature, when you mix this fact with our food as humans, we have a lethal combination. The roach picks up germs like Salmonella, E-coli, Shigella, and a host of viruses including Norovirus, which then is transferred to your food. Which go right into your mouth… enjoy!


Food Business Operator : Engage a Professional Pest Management Professional to manage pests in your food business outlet.

Consumer : Avoid food when you see symptoms of Cockroaches (faeces, live insects, broken parts in the outlet


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