Case of ‘misbranding’ registered against PepsiCo bottler

DEHRADUN/HARIDWAR: A case of misbranding was registered against Varun Beverages, Noida, the bottler of soft drinks company PepsiCo, in the court of the ADM (Finance) at Haridwar on Saturday. The case was registered by the designated officer of food safety, Haridwar district who found that the samples of the company’s aerated orange drink Mirinda contained sugar content different from the levels mentioned on the label.


“The label on the bottle mentions 13.1% sugar in the beverage but the actual percentage was found to be 11%. That is why, a case has been registered under section 52 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 for misbranding,” said Mahima Nand Joshi, food safety officer, Haridwar. He added that samples were collected from Laksar area of Haridwar in August last year during the kanwar yatra. “The sample reports came around two months ago. We gave the vendor a month’s time to appeal to the food safety office in case they wished to get the samples retested in a central laboratory but we didn’t receive any reply, and hence a case was registered today,”Joshi said.


Sources said that the beverage samples of a few other brands had also failed safety tests and notices may be sent to them shortly. 

Meanwhile, a PepsiCo India spokesperson, when queried about the matter, told TOI, “We have not received a copy of the said notice. Having said that, we would like to emphatically reiterate that PepsiCo complies with labelling and other regulations issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. All products, including Mirinda comply with the food regulations.”


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