Dead lizard served with french fries at McDonald’s outlet in Kolkata


A pregnant woman, on an outing with her daughter was served, dead lizard in a serving of fries at a McDonald’s outlet here. Priyanka Moitra and her four-year-old daughter, whose birthday was on Tuesday, went to a McDonald’s outlet to celebrate the day. While having their burgers and fries, they noticed the lizard. Moitra immediately felt sick and reported the incident to the manager. She also clicked a picture of the deep-fried lizard and reported the incident at the Phulbagan police station.

“We are taking the situation seriously. We have immediately acted upon being made aware of the complaint, we launched a thorough investigation in an effort to gather the facts of the matter…it is still on-going,” said the police. Meanwhile, Food Safety Authority officials have inspected the restaurant, including the kitchen. Priyanka’s husband Sanjay Moitra expressed shock over the incident. “I’m concerned about my family’s health. My wife is pregnant. How can McDonald’s be so careless? As soon as I heard about the incident, I contacted Delhi and Kolkata’s McDonald’s office, but they didn’t bother. There’s been no apology, they just want us to send it to them for analysis.” (ANI)


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