Consumer alert : Deadworms inside Knorr Soupy Noodles

Food Business Operator : Knorr and Unilever Company (Manufacturer)

Retailer : Loyal World Super Market

Image result for loyal world supermarket mysore

Place : Bannimantap, Mysuru

Product : Knorr Soupy Noodles (Mast Masala)

Image result for knorr soupy noodles cooked

Issue : Dead worm inside packet

Consumer complaint as posted by Doc Henal on Feb 22 in 

I bought Knorr soupy knoodles packet from Loyal world supermarket located in Bannimantap, Mysore two weeks back. There was a dead worm in the masala packet of knorr soupy noodles( mast masala). This is not expected from an old and famous brand knorr and Unilever company which is known for its quality product. You market your product as a perfect wholesome snack for kids. This is what you expect our children to have-“NOODLES WITH DEAD WORMS IN IT!” Being a doctor i cant tolerate this. I will go to the consumer court for this. The company has to improve on their quality check.

There was a worm in the noodles
Photo: as posted in the complaint
PESPRO comments:
For regulatory action against the manufacturer file a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety)



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