Misleading advt of Ruchi Pickles – Cavin Kare (FBO)violates ASCI code- Complaint upheld

An online complaint was filed by me with Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) against misleading information of Ruchi Pickles telecasted in Puthiya Thalaimurai TV.
ASCI admitted my complaint and referred to Consumer Complaints Council. CCC after investigation has upheld my complaint. The Food Business Operator – M/s Cavin Kare (P) Ltd contravened ASCI code .Advertiser has assured to follow ASCI compliance code.
ASCI final report posted here .

Dear Mr. Narayanamoorthy NV,

Subject: CCC Recommendation – 1612-C.1532  – Complaint received against the advertisement of CavinKare Pvt. Ltd- Ruchi Pickles on Puthiya Thalaimurai- Tamil’
The complaint was considered by the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) at their meeting.

The Advertiser was offered an opportunity for Personal Hearing with the ASCI Secretariat. The advertiser representatives had a personal hearing via telecon, and submitted their written response. The CCC viewed the TVC and considered the Advertiser’s response. Advertiser states that the TVC nowhere compares the labelled or licensed competition products with FSSAI Logo affixed in the thinly packed attractive bottle where bad oil is filled. The TVC offers an informed choice to the consumers to prefer the Packed and Labelled Ruchi Pickle in line and compliance with the FSSAI. Advertiser provided a copy of the TVC, Copy of the FSSAI License and Times of India news article titled “Unorganized packaged foods biz sparks safety concerns”. The CCC concluded that the TVC (in Tamil), as translated in English, claims, “Don’t buy pickles that are not of good quality. All the pickles that sell at same price does not mean they are of same quality… There are many pickles in the market in which they use Lemon peels, mango that has fallen down due to heat, soda mixed chilli and bad quality oil, all put in eye catching packaging”. The claims were considered to be misleading by omission of a reference that they meant this comparison to be with the products from the “unorganized sector” and by implication as the bottle being depicted in the TVC were from a supermarket / store (i.e. organized sector). The CCC also noted in the context of the protagonist choosing the product from the shelf in super market, the visuals showing other bottles being filled in unhygienic manner unfairly denigrate the entire class/category of Pickles. The TVC contravened Chapters I.4 and IV.1(e) of the ASCI Code. The complaint was UPHELD.

The advertiser has assured compliance with the said CCC Recommendation as on February 13, 2017

Thank you for having referred this complaint to us.

Yours faithfully,

Senior Executive- Complaints Handling
The Advertising Standards Council of India


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