Consumer alert – Bisk Farm Digestive Biscuits leads to food poisoning

Food Business Operator : Bisk Farm, Kolkatta (Manufacturer)
Product : Digestive Biscuits
Image result for Bisk Farm Digestive biscuits
Issue : Food poisoning
Consumer complaint as posted by Kalashankar on Feb 8th in

Contrary to the name Bisk Farm- DIGESTIVE Biscuits it should be CONSTIPATIVE Biscuits

First time had I bought this biscuits and had eaten three of them and for three days my bowels went on a strike . Had to eat around 5 spoons of Phyllum husk for some relief.

My daughter to tried the biscuits and same result

The ingredient lists wheat flour but I’m sure it is maida that has been used.

Imagine the plight of older, sick, children taking the biscuits and suffering

Really horrible

PESPRO Comments :
File a complaint with District Designated Officer (Food Safety) of your area along with the samples

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