Food adulteration racket thrives in AP

Vijayawada: Despite anti-adulteration drive by the Task Force sleuths and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) the adulterated food racket is thriving in the city. Adulterated ghee manufacturing unit exposed by cops recently has highlighted the situation. The city outskirts are becoming the shelter zones for this adulteration racket. After the announcement of the capital city, various adulterated food joints have made the city as their hub and continuing their illegal activities. Adulterated ghee, milk, chili powder, turmeric powder, masala powders, spices and others were exposed by the city police and stringent action was taken on those running these illegal activities. But still the racket is continuing leaving a challenge for the police and FSSAI authorities.

The perpetrators of these illegal activitiess are continuing without licence and name boards in rented houses in the city. These rackets are continuing their activity without leaving a clue to the neighbours. “We are focusing on these rackets and initiating special drives,” said Srinivasa Rao, regional food safety officer at the FSSI. “Adulterated food rackets are playing with the lives of citizens as their products  are posing a health hazard. Our task force teams have kept an eye on these activities and initiating special drives,” said Vijayawada city police commissioner D. Gautam Sawang. “Public should support the police in identifying the activities of these people. We will soon plan a special programme to interact with public on these rackets,” said Mr Sawang


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