Beware, you’re not served what you have asked for


A recently-published study of the National Institute of Nutrition highlights risky practices among street food vendors.

If street food is an irresistible indulgence, choose with care where your palate is treated, warns a recently-published study from the National Institute of Nutrition.

The institute in the past has pointed out through several studies the risk of eating street food, including serious bacterial contamination, but in its recent study has listed risky practices among street food handlers. These practices were determined after examining 463 samples of food collected from across the city, and the way they were handled from storage to serving.

Accordingly, testing for food-borne pathogens revealed that most of the carrots used in the samples and over three-quarters of onion — two commonly-used vegetables — were contaminated with the bacteria escherichia coli. The bacteria, known to be a part of the human gut flora, are expelled in faecal matter. Though…

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